Human rights lawyer named as new prosecution service chief

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adam(KOS), Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. As a person who feels that human rights laws go too far when defending hardened criminals do we realy want this chap?

    A barrister renowned for his ground-breaking human rights work was named yesterday as the next Director of Public Prosecutions.

    The appointment of Keir Starmer, QC, 45, who comes from the radical chambers Doughty Street, came as a complete surprise within legal circles but was widely acclaimed as “enlightened”.

    Mr Starmer, who is on paternity leave after the birth of his first child, Toby, three weeks ago, has brought a number of high-profile cases against the Government and is known as much for his human rights background as his criminal experience. This includes all the leading death penalty appeals in recent years from the Caribbean, leading to the abolition of mandatory capital punishment in those countries.

    From the comments..........
    In the States the newly appointed public prosecutor would be falling over themselves to tell the public how much they depise criminals & wants to incarcerate them for as long as possible. We get another 'do gooder' with impeccable liberal credentials and the highest recorded crime rate in the EU

    A.Miller, Huddersfield,

    another scot?

    terry sullivan, morden,

    Why do they always choose a barrister to head an organisation that employs mostly solicitors? As long as this continues the CPS will remain a second rate low paid career option, with the QC in charge keeping his friends at the independent bar happy with more lucrative and satisfying advocacy work.

    Jack Vance, London, UK

    Thats it we're doomed, all doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ian payne, walsall,
  2. Great. Part of Labour's "scorched earth policy" for the Tories.

    Well he certainly respects everyone except for Squaddies - doesn't appear to like us at all. Standby for more political show trials and incoming from this bloke. I am in no doubt he will be plotting actions against Squaddies now that he "has the keys".

    It's gonna take years to clean up our public institutions.

  3. 'Plotting actions'? Who do you think he is...the Hooded f*cking Claw?
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    'Prominent barrister, widely acknowledged as good at his job is appointed as DPP'?

    Would this quite accurately sum up the general point of this 'story'?
  5. No Sixty.....there's just not enough 'conspiracy to knobble squaddies' there.
  6. Well, you could always subsitiute "Cnut" for "Prominent barrister".

    Never use two words when one will do, old boy! :wink:
  7. Oh dear. One step closer to the formation of vigilante brigades throughout the country to do the job that will no longer be done by the authorities. When the law does not protect the people, the people will protect themselves.

    Still, being a barrister, he does not take an absolutist position, he represents he who pays to the best of his ability (well, that's the excuse they use for using loopholes to get the guilty off on a 'technicality'), so perhaps having him on 'our' side is a good idea - keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
  8. Hootch - You're bang on the money. Labour are fcuking this country up so much that the Tory's will have a non starter for their four years in power!!!

    Which Prat decided to put a limp wristed lefty in charge... Mind you, they really are the Criminal Protection Society now so it makes sense!
  9. Having scanned his resume there seems to be no limit to the juridstictions where he has poked his rather fetching Semitically-shaped nose.
  10. I think you should put that remark into some sort of context before people leap to the conclusion that there may be a hint of anti-Semitism about it.
  11. He has acted for an ex-SF member - admittedly in a case against the MOD. The Sun goes heavy on Starmer having

    He certainly did, but "not respecting Squaddies" is not what comes over from his actual words at the time:

    You probably know that the DPP is not responsible for service prosecutions.
  12. All is redeemed - he is 'mad about Arsenal'. :lol:
  13. While I might question the cases he has taken on, I am much happier having a man who believes in liberty and the defence of freedom than having another yes man. The same people (both on this board and elsewhere) who have decried this appointment as the "beginning of the end" for law and order are the people that proclaim our sleepwalk into a police state and vehemently oppose Identification cards. You cannot have it both ways; I firmly believe that it is better to have a man willing to challenge the Government when it goes too far and thus accept that he might sometimes overstep the bounds of common sense in a desire to see liberty unchecked, than it is to have a man who will not challenge what can be very frightening attempts by the government to control increasingly broad aspects of our life.

    (Dear me I am being awfully serious today)
  14. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    This my esteemed colleagues is the governments latest answer to prison overcrowding. That and the latest appointment to HM Inspectorate of Prisons Anne Owers, another "enlightened individual".
    "We're Doomed" (In a Scottish accent as we will all be speaking it soon).
  15. W&nker.