Human Rights Act at it again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Curve15, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. I had a lecture on the Human Rights Act 1998 today. It was quite interesting actually, it appears that we were always affected by the decisions of European Court of Human Rights even before we enacted the 1998 legislation. Our lecturer did state that she assumed Labour never intended that the act would 'come back to haunt them'.
  2. In light of the Parole boards assessment of this scrote and the severity of his offence he should have got the maximum sentence for rape which is life. Chances are that he'll end up doing it again when he is released and disappears off the radar...
  3. He knows how they caught him, he will just be more careful if he attacks again... The world would be so much more civil and decent if this type of person suffered for committing a crime, not be held in television equipped, comfortable and warm cells.
  4. Yes... but in the past, people had to go all the way to the ECtHR to invoke their rights under the ECHR. Clearly not satisfactory as the ECtHR had a backlog of 6 years IIRC.
  5. Btw, I do not think this reflects badly on the HRA at all.

    People are always apt to try their luck so to speak. The HRA has a widespread effect on the law and therefore it is not surprising that people will try to test the system.
  6. If someone had caved his skull in in the first place like he deserved he wouldn't be complaining about this human rights abuse.
  7. and as usual if and when he reoffends, will there be no come back on the parol board? i think not.
  8. The parole board has already ensured he will serve 2/3rds of his sentence which is the maximum for a determinate sentence. The parole board did not determine his sentence, which regarding their assessment of him, is a pity. I'm sure they would recommend he is never released if they could.

    Now that his name is in the papers, I'm sure he'll be getting plenty of contact counselling from his fellow con's :threaten:
  9. Has anyone given any thoughts to his victim?
  10. I don't think there would be the above posts if people weren't angry at what he put his victim through.

  11. Why the fcuk not just sentence them to what they will do?????????????
  12. WTF is offence related work with regard to rape and assault using a deadly weapon?
    he should have been put down not sent down!
  13. Never mind the human rights, how about the human responsibilities?
  14. "human responsibilities" trying to get the scum to take responsibility would be a start but most of them only think of their "rights" I was taught that you had to take responsibility for your action, now we have a blame culture - its not my fault its the parents fault or whoever else they can think of.

    Now that the rapists name is all over the papers maybe someone will give him a shot of his own treatment.

    if we get rid of the HRA can we bring in the prison reforms - make them more like prisons & not hotels - & then the death penalty for murder & maybe rape