"Human Mole" dies of thirst

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OLDBIGHEAD, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Although his navigational abilities were questionable his admin appeared to be more squared away than a typical TA soldiers though.
  2. "Another neighbour said: “He was slightly eccentric, but very clever. He lived in his own world.”"

    Well that's one way of putting it I suppose...

    I'd call it barking mad...but you have to wonder what makes someone live like that in the first place.


  3. Officer then ?
  4. How did you quote GB when his post doesnt appear? Did you beat the MOD to it coz GB is an O2 thief? :p
  5. Bored and trying for cheap bite Geordie Blerk?
  6. Typical sun reporting. It was a semi-detached house for christ's sake not the bloody Labyrinth.
  7. And did anyone else twitch slightly mentally at the repeated use of the word trash instead of rubbish? Although that could just be me since I generally try and avoid using Americanisms.
  8. Surely trash is a perfectly acceptable English word. If not, where did the Yanks get it from?
  9. Just like Aluminum?

    T C
  10. We use (proper) English, they use American English. As I understand things it's best considered to be a dialect.
  11. :D That's as may be, but Trash is an English word isn't it?
  12. I suppose if you want to be picky then whilst it might technically be American English it most certainly is not British English and therefore unacceptable. So there. :p
  13. You're a bint, aren't you Brick? Just got to have the last word.
  14. What utter garbage. :D