'Human mannequin' - Cute and you really would smash her to bits

If you laugh you won't go to heaven to see the ickle baby jebus

She certainly is smashable, in the carnal and physical sense

A teenager suffering from a rare genetic condition turning her into a 'human mannequin' has refused to be beaten by her disease - and is battling against the odds to pursue her dream career in fashion.

Louise Wedderburn has a rare genetic condition which causes each of her joints to lock as the muscle turns into bone.
The 19-year-old was born with Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), a genetic disease which causes soft tissue to turn into bone, freezing her body permanently into place.

Read more: Louise Wedderburn suffers from a rare condition that locks her bones, turning her into a 'human mannequin' | Mail Online
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Also on Channel 4 tonight The Human Mannequin - Channel 4

I hope her legs don't lock together, although acheiving insertion may be akin to winning the Krypton Factor
I would have to smash her to the sounds of 'nothing is going stop us now' by Starship.

Just relive my youth watching Mannequin
I would have to smash her to the sounds of 'nothing is going stop us now' by Starship.

Just relive my youth watching Mannequin
I hear you brother

Well that sucks [to be her] ;-) I've done worse (a lot worse). A fellow ought to get his leg over before her condition locks up her snatch so tight that not even Pinocchio could get in. (Unless he had a wood auger handy.)
She just looks as though she is walking like a cockney, put her on Eastenders and no one would suspect a thing
Shit out of luck if you wanted a handjob first, but thats just being picky, and she's already half bent over...
Just hope her pelvic floor muscles haven't turned to bone as well or it could be like shagging a gap between two bricks..
I bet she's shoved a carrot up her arse just to see what it feels like.

What would happen if her fanny turned to bone as you were smashing her?
I've worked with people who have had that problem. They were frozen to their chair until the end of the shift.
I think I suffer from Fibrodysplasia too as I have a muscle that turns into bone.


Kit Reviewer
A wishbone.


Kit Reviewer
Isn't this the correct thread for her ?
If the disease is hereditary, then how did her mother squeeze her out of her bone fanny?

Unless her dad is the carrier, in which case, he wouldn't have any problems getting a bone on to get his missus up the duff.
She'd just be lying there ......unmoving ..... A bit like the wife ....... or one of Jimmy Savilles dates

Mr Flibble

That poor girl, she looks like Paris Hilton. That's more than any individual should have to endure!

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