'Human cannonball' killed in stunt

He'll not be doing that again in any hurry.
All these jokes are in poor taste and 'bang' out of order!
He was quite the high flyer
now where did I park my bike ?
Silly Cnut should have bought a decent safety net from B&Q. This is what happens when you buy $hite cheap safety nets from LIDL that are handmade made 8yr kids in Lithuania and only cost £8.99 !!
You must shop in LIDL then.... poor bastard.
If he missed his intended impact area, he must have been an ex-Gunner!


Back of the net!

Or not, in this case.

Seems he was a little Jock lad, nicknamed 'Wee Thud'.
Lets be fair here, we don't know if the organisers weren't glad to be shot of him.
He will be missed.
As was the net.


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That's one way to get fired.

Mark The Convict

Maybe someone sabot-aged his equipment? His mates will have rifled through his kit by now.

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