In the next few weeks Doris and I are travelling from the deep south to the Scottish borders. I looked on the map and realised that we will be passing (by a few miles) the Humber Bridge and Kingston upon Hull. I have not been to either. I was wondering is it worth while making a detour and maybe spending a night in Hulll? I look forward to you un-biased advice.
Unless you are really wanting to see the Humber bridge the answer is no. It is a long detour and while the bridge is impressive it is not worth the drag A1-M18-Humber bridge- Hull-A63-M62 back to the A1. As an ex resident of Hull there is not a lot to go there for.
If you're "passing (by a few miles) the Humber Bridge and Kingston upon Hull", I suggest that you take a boat. Unless you've got an Amphicar, Schwimmwagen or a Stolly (Warsaw Pact vehicles are also available). Otherwise, invest in a better SatNav.


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unless you do the scenic route and do lincolshire-yorkshire wolds then through the moors onto the a19/a1

hull has some good bits but is 9/10ths council estate and it does show in places. you could go around it and find somewhere easier to expore in a day/evening like scarborough or whitby. higher up you have lindisfarne and berwick
he can do the transporter bridge as well.
More than one person has recounted the unfortunate accident in 1974 that the late comedian Terry Scott had on the Transporter. Terry, mistaking the Transporter for a normal toll bridge, paid his fare and drove straight off the end, fortunately his Jaguar car fell into the safety netting and not into the river, but its that sort of thing that sticks in people's memories.
Comedian Terry Scott contemplates his near miss on the Transporter
As an alternative to detouring via Hull (which is a long detour), turn off the A1 onto the A168 which then becomes the A19. At Middlesbrough (A66), it's a short detour to sample the Transporter which is, I believe, one of only three of its type in the world still working.

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