Hull in the Premiership

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bottlesofbecks, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Good the luck to all the players and staff of the Mighty hull City for the weekend
  2. You'll need it if you go up!

    Only saying that because my lot aren't going up.....................
  3. Yeah Good luck! I've backed them on Betfair!
  4. Blige, you must be desperate - the best odds I can see on Odds Explorer are 13/19 on! Can I sell you some money?
  5. The odds are shortening...14/19!
  6. At the star of the season i always have a load of daft bets, Hull and MK Dons to be promoted was one, where is that slip and come on City!!
  7. I Dont want to see that cnut Barmby in the prem Bitter? moi? in his case yes judas tw@ so if you win flog him to a 3rd division side please
  8. I'm so chuffed Hull City and Bristol City made it to the play off finals! A team that only a few seasons ago finished mid table in league two and a team who had been stuck in league one for around 8 seasons, both fighting it out for a place in the top division! Who would of bet on that?

    I'm a Swansea fan myself and i hope we can do the same as either Hull or Bristol. I wish them both the best of luck, fantastic stuff! Two real football teams that could be in the prem, about time too!
  9. The trouble is promotion to the prem is a gamble yes its a payday. But you may become whipping boys go straight back down and have your best players cherrypicked by the the teams who stay up for good measure
  10. Never mind when you get relegated you can always cry yourselves to sleep thinking about that parachute payment money you'll get. :wink:
  11. So about this time next year will we be saying "that Derby County, they weren't actually that bad after all"?

    Votes for single figure points tally next year...
  12. You get around £35 million just for going up, so it said on the news. Then you get £12 million parachute payment if relegated and a further £12 million(not sure why you get a further 12 mil though)
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I'd welcome either, we need the six points.
  14. I backed them at the START of the playoffs. That and laying against Bristol once the final was decided made it worthwhile. Incidentally look at the treble - picking all three promoted sides from the play off finals.

    Worth a fiver of anyones money.
  15. you never know , might turn the KC stadium into a decent stadium.