HULL = Dimm in the news!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pomps, Oct 6, 2006.

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  1. Hull = Chav City..............................been there many times & really cannot think about anything good to say about it!!!

    Oh sorry...............yes I can.......L.A.'s on Friday & Saturday nights whilst on various courses at A.S.M.T./D.S.T. over the years. :party: :pissed:
  2. Don't forget tower for an hour either :wink:
  3. Glasgow is only number5?
  4. L.A's as closed down and as been closed for ages and as for Tower for an hour, that place closed yonks ago and was replaced with something else.
  5. That's got to be bollox-Pompey hasn't got into the top 10. There is no way on earth that there are cities worse than there.
  6. wonder where aldershot has come.
  7. Nout wrong with Hull at all!!
  8. Glasgow is violent? Quel surprise. I can just see Rab C Nesbitt gushing on Sky News. :lol: