Good effort I say.

At least he didn't opt for the oh-so-predictable "ninja turtle" option with a dossbag
Made my day! Reminds me of the Phoenix Nights Series 2 episode when kids are getting spray painted by pikies and Justin Moorhouse character goes the entire series with various foundations covering him .
"It was only after being scrubbed by a gang of friends and neighbours for 24 hours that Paulo finally removed the stubborn staining. So was he left feeling blue?"

I would have thought more like black and blue...
As if being bright green wasn't embarrassing enough, the local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint - and referred to her as his girlfriend.


That was the best bit for me
What a dick. I am so glad this has been shared globally so we can all mock his stupidity. Mind you, it is a rather fetching shade of green....
It's rather a drastic method of exfoliation... wouldn't have Agent Orange have worked? That's a good exfoliageator....

Must dash, my driver just pulled up....
mmm what lengths a man will go to to have himself scrubbed with a dirty toilet brush by an over-weight sweaty brazilian lady. come on...we've all been there. now...where did i put my ballistic missile and submarine paint? with my battleship egg shell emulsion i expect.
Need any help applying it?


Book Reviewer
Is it just me or is the image of our dear Emperor Mong whispering in Portuguese somewhat arousing?

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