HUIGGGE Coke haul in Gambia


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Mr_Fingerz said: (c) Auntie

$1Billion of Coke taken off the streets (2 tonnes) is going to seriously annoy someone in Bogota.

Take a "Well Done" them. :policeflat:
True, but thats just 1/70th of the annual US consumption value!


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I suspect that the original supplier will. And the crimp in his/her cash-flow will be one of the annoying things. (The other will be HTF did the law pick up 2 tonnes of coke in one transport? I suspect that a lot of people will be looking over shoulders in the coming months.
As above, the producer won't feel it, but the Gambian exporter will. Street value is calculated at the end buyers level (i.e. £40/50 a gram, single digit purity), not wholesale.

The amount seized is a drop in the proverbial ocean.

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