Huhne & Pryce begin 8 month sentences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by velcrostripes, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Wagers now being taken .....

    1 ) Which of the two is going to get the inevitable " My prison hell " book out first ?
    2 ) First to find God ?
    3 ) Which will make a call for penal reform ?
    4 ) First to get filled in ( sorry , " walk into a door / slip in the showers ") ?
    5 ) Commit a speeding offence on release ?
  2. They'll be off to open prisons and be in the pub for lunch
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  3. 1 ) Which of the two is going to get the inevitable " My prison hell " book out first ? Who cares?
    2 ) First to find God ? Is that a euphemism for something involving a ligature?
    3 ) Which will make a call for penal reform ? Old hat. Jonathan Aitken has got that gig. Anyway, he's a LIb Dem, he probably harks on about it weekly
    4 ) First to get filled in ( sorry , " walk into a door / slip in the showers ") ? Like Aitkin and Archer did? Oh, no they didn't did they
    5 ) Commit a speeding offence on release ? And if they do? I refer you to my answer at 1) above
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  4. 6) The Ernest Saunders Defence- I have a life threatening disease and will be the only person in history to recover from it once released from Prison.
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  5. I think a more fitting punishment would have been to have them both required to perform the others most objectionable personal act (sexual/or otherwise) on each other on a daily changing basis for the entirety of their respective but not entirely dissimilar custodial sentences.
  6. I'm sure there are large gentlemen with bars of soap steeling themselves for the showers already!
  7. Huhnes a 'Liberal' ya know; I also said they found objectionable, refer to first comment!
  8. Well, according to the D Star Huhne has already been given a good slap b a fellow inmate and according to the Sun the staff have been taking the piss out of him over the tannoy.

    It would be nice to think both were true.
  9. I'm with Fat Cav - who cares. I think the two of them ought to get a bloody good ignoring. I'm really bored of hearing public figures (normally politicians, journos, bankers, coppers, industrialists insert endless other cocks) yapping on about how they've made mistakes, learnt their lesson, it was 10 years ago, realise that they must atone for wrong doing blah blah.

    Somewhat missing the point that being a public figure means you CAN'T bend the bloody rules because you're important. So you can't just apologise it away. It's too early to get a real rant on, but it was bloody close.

    Or am I a naive little citizen.
  10. Well spotted , forgotten about that one
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  11. I'm fairly certain that gay prison rape is more of a repressed homosexual's **** fantasy than a reality in low category jails in 21st century Britain...

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  12. Oh don't spoil it !

    The thought of slimebag Huhne limping out of the shower to tend his tattered haemorhoids brought my first smile of the day.
  13. Prison Governor to hardened inmate "He horrendously hard hoaned Huhne's hind hole hideously haemorrhaging hospitalized ?"

    Prison officer to inmate whispering "The guvner been at the confiscated H collection again"
  14. More pertinently, can they both be rehabilitated back into decent society upon their release ?
  15. They haven't been in decent society for many years, possibly decades, so the quandary is irrelevent. What I do like about the verdict, though, is that they will be unable to "gravy train" the USA and that he is effectively PNG in europeshire: so they're going to have to budget and live off their savings rather than milk any more.

    I hope that the other "glitterati" of the palace of Westminster sit up and take note.
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