Hugh Grant hanging out of/with some student chicks!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozduke, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. And that's news because????
  2. Lucky barsteward!
  3. Can't fault him!
  4. What can those bright, fresh-faced young ladies possibly see in the middle aged, millionaire, Hugh Grant? :wink:
  5. Yes, well said slipperman, surely none of them would be after him for his money but rather were hoping to pick up acting tips. Next thing you know there will be some kind of sordid story for sale to the highest bidder.

    Why oh why young women like this will not get a decent job is beyond me. I see many young blondes gainfully employed sitting in the passenger seat of their much older "uncles" very expensive car doubtless as some kind of thoughtful seat warmer\car minder type person. Take a leaf from their book and get a job!
  6. Fair play to him, lucky barsteward.
  7. Lucky sod. I wonder if he kicked in her back doors with his trade mark ironic charm "You know you love it you slag!"
  8. OK Arrse maidens ..... you mission is to get a multimillionare, Hollywood movie star back to the lines to show him what a "hovel" really is !
  9. Could you imagine if the likes of Dale, Moody, Spice, Taboo and Scotlass got a millionaire like Hugh Smiler Grant back to ARRSSE HQ. Would it be pleasure or pain :?
  10. She must have been well pished or drugged, because he's an ugly knob. YUK!
  11. Having had another look at the photo's the "students" and some thing does not ring true.

    1. they are all fresh faced, hair and makeup is correctly done. If they where real students after a night out they would look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards.
    2. there is NO sign of pizza's or Large Donners with extra sauce. Evidence would be boxes, packaging or chilli sauce down their tops.
    3. There are no empty booze bottles empty fag packets or vomit.
  12. Someone asked: "What is wrong with that?", in response to the title. I'll tell you what is wrong with that: IT IS NOT BLOODY WELL ME!!!!!!!
  13. Oh the shame of it.
    He has actually gone up (slightly) in my estimation. I wonder if he went up in............. any of those birds.
  14. Here's me. dick down to me knees. Do you see me up to my eyes in brace & bits and thighs? NO!
    Lucky brass-stud.