Huge stash on Spanish Navy vessel.

250kg is quite a lot of dope (I suppose) but there are normally plenty of hiding spaces available, including under the lower deck plates above the bilges. It would probably have helped if they were blanket stackers or stokers - in terms of having rarely checked space.

IIRC, the RN had some problems many years ago with some locally employed ratings on one of the Hong Kong patrol boats. Can't find a link so may be the one remaining brain-cell gone faulty.
250 keys? Clucking bell! If its decent moroccan gear you could bang that out a score an eighth, street value if sold all on the eighth about £1.43 million, some spanish sailor has just lost his retirement fund! If crappy soap hash that still 3/4 of a million...thats before you start selling short measures to mugs to inflate the profit...
Fatarse said:
How is it possible to hide that much stuff
on a small vessel? Not looking for pointers or anything!
Doing a Search Course would be a good starting place to gain the knowledge :wink:

You will be surprised where you can hide things on a ship, in a car etc.


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Somebody managed to hump a quarter of a ton of stuff up the gangway with nobody noticing? And planned to get it down again, and out of the port/base etc? let alone stow it away in pre-planned nooks and crannies. Surely this must have been a collective effort - it will be interesting to see how high up the command chain the eventual arrests and trials go. One would presume that this is not the first such shipment.

And just think if the Sps had not so determinedly hung on to the remnant of theuir N African empire, they wouldn't be in this mess now.
Seaweed's comment would certainly make you think.
How could you possibly get the stuff on board......unless of course
it was mixed in with say dried paella rations!
I don't know. Someone must have been asleep...or bunged! (Financially I mean!)

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