Huge Search Launched in Basra

UK and Danish forces have begun a large operation in Basra, searching for arms and explosives. The have arrested several people believed to be a faction which has split from the Mehdi army

Beeb article
He described them as "five leaders of rogue elements of militias operating in Basra".
But what will the Iraqi Police do without their Commanders?
Sharp PTP, Sharp
Good to see LCpl Fisher on telly. He's come quite a long way since his Search Cse.

Careful now lads,
Moqtada al Sadr might just be getting the Brits to take care of a little business for him.
I watch the Sopranos.


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SLRBoy -

Sorry, but absolutely everything you say here is treated with utter contempt by all on this site. Time to switch LogIn ID again, perchance?

The work to clear out the IPS in Basra has been going on for a long time. I'm not up to date with the latest machinations, but we can be pretty certain that we wouldn't have launched this without a bloody good idea of the outcome. Well done all round!
Old Snowy,
Never do time in N.I. then?
check your P.M's.

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