"Huge Resentment" in NATO


Another old story brought up to the surface again, this time embellished with a soundbite from the man OldRedCap described as:
OldRedCap said:
the self-appointed patron saint of soldiers St Timothy Collins.
Quote Col Tim, speaking about the Germans' national caveats: "Helmand province is no place for defence forces that cannot go out at night without their mothers."

This one's almost on a par with his previous classics: "Tony Bliar and the government are taking the Army for a joyride, like a teenagers in a stolen car" and "invading Iraq without a proper plan for reconstruction is tantamount to committing common assault."

Full Telegraph atrticle here: Do your fair share in Afghanistan, Nato told.
Huge resentment in NATO !
Not really on par with the 'Uge Resentment' in HMs Armed Forces on the cr ap they are dished out daily.
Does anyone know how do the individual Nato soldiers feel? Have serving arrsers talked to them about their governments limitations on their deployments?

Are they happy to get a suntan and sit behind a wire or would many of them like to get out and experience combat?

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