huge great big tent

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rock842, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. hi all, wondering if anyone can help. am in desperate need of a 20x30 tent for this coming weekend 19-21st june for a cadet camp. left it to an officer to arrange ( i know i know!) and now its a " we havnt got a tent, can you sort it" type3 job. we are in notts but able to pick up in midlands on thur and return on mon.

    any help grately recieved

  2. Do you mean green tent as in 18 x 24 or a marquee?

    If green then your a little limited with units in the midlands who could help you out.

    You could try the QMs at Chilwell or Grantham.
  3. getting desperate so anything will do, cheers dingerr
  4. Oh and before you start poking fun at Officers then you should get no sympathy - Officers can't do admin everyone knows that.
  5. i know!
  6. Remember Remember....

    NOBA. Not Officer Business. Admin.

    Try 30 Sigs or 22 Sigs. Don't know the numbers but they are in your area. And being Signals they will have all manner of crazy ass tents lieing around.
  7. cheers chocolate frog, appreciated
  8. ISTR 1 Div over Germany have a fairly large one on thier books, IIRC it is listed as a BFOT (Big Fcuk Off Tent)! :D
  9. its one of Sopranos old KF shirts :D
  10. Tee Hee Hee !!!!!
  11. Mac's uncrackers, if you ask him nicely he might even wash them first
  12. Damn, i assumed this thread was sooo much more than just a plea for a tent.
  13. Any medical units nearby? All I can remember from 10 years in Fd Amb is putting up 18x24's (and taking them down again, in the dark, in the rain, in a gale on the side of a scottish mountain, I still wake up screaming about it, sorry am I going on...)
  14. Huge great big tits!

    Where is he?
  15. I've got one fella'

    I'm in Yorkshire Ripon area

    want to PM me?