Huge Explosion @ Russian Arms Dump


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"The fire has interrupted the flow of oil along a nearby pipeline".

That'll be our frigging fuel prices going up again! Any excuse.


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Welsh Oil Refinery explosion Walts....

To be fair, the explosion at Milford Haven was just the one storage tank, not the whole of an arms dump. One might as well refer to Chevtex as Russian Arms Dump Explosion Walts....


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I am sure that they're eternally grateful.
Some reports suggest the blaze may have been sparked by a discarded cigarette.
They've evidently got the same fire investigators as at King's Cross.
I hope they recover from this and remain strong. Russia is a great country, its the only obstacle against total American imperialism.
I am saying this for your own good America wont save you from a Topol hitting the Island and sinking it to the sea bed. Russia and china are probably the only two countries that will keep America at bay, if America is allowed to continue to invade other people's countries, steal their resources, impliment their prostitue culture, then trust me it wont be Americans dying, it would their poodles


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Why don't you eat a german cucumber and go curl up in a ball.
Say Privit to your bitch in the cage below, Long live Putin!

Not quite as big a bang as they managed some while back at Murmansk, when a rocket fuel dump went up (Most Russian missiles - even on subs - are liquid fuelled) Demolished half the town, and the Flash was reportedly visible from as far away as Leningrad.

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