Huge explosion at Russian test site

BBC News - Explosion at Russian military test site

It appears that they were offloading munitions in preparation for their disposal and a fire broke out (suspected cigarette). One reported dead, and I think they got off very lucky there.
I particularly like the reporters comment about how older soviet era munitions had a nasty habit of going 'bang' without warning in recent years!


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Interesting piece....if there was an FOB bang at Shoeburyness, how long would it take @britisharmyuktm to get an apparentely gwo MBT on scene ? One for DRAC I guess... :giggle:
I remember a BBC documentary back in the 80's about the Russian military that went into great depth about the consumption of various MT fluids and other abuses. Can anyone remember the name of it? I seem to recall it tied in with a book a female journalist wrote about that time. She even got access to the penal battalions. Not nice at all!

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