Huge breasts - and the problems they cause


That's a horrible thing to do, lure me here with the big boobs thing and then show me that.
And what's that scribble on her scrawny chest - "Front"? This Way Up"?
I can honestly say that big breasts have never caused me a problem.


Apart from when I need to tie my shoe laces!


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That's a horrible thing to do, lure me here with the big boobs thing and then show me that.
And what's that scribble on her scrawny chest - "Front"? This Way Up"?
let me fix that for you


Thank you, that's what we need to see even if she does look very like my exmissus. If it wasn't for that. I'd be getting quite moist.


My Mrs has huge tits on a tiny frame. It causes me no problems whatsoever.
The only time I think it's ever slightly been an issues is when she wanted to go on a ride at some crap theme park and the restraint wouldn't fit over them.

Unlike some whore in the papers this week she didn't decide to go to the papers and try and make a few quid out of it.


Mrs B had a reduction procedure about 5 years ago.

She is tall and despite endless gym ratting was rather top heavy causing discomfort and finding clothes to fit was difficult. If you are a bloater with large mammaries not a problem but tall & thinnish but thus equipped = difficult.

It was getting to be a real problem, feeling pretty depressed about it.

£7.5k later problem solved.
Nope....can't think of a negative.

Although, a story comes to mind of a certain CPL WRAAC who used to hang around a bunch of guys, lets call the CPL a bit of a 'groupie', anyway, she had a fcuking hugest set of tits I've/we've ever seen, (as an aside she was a really great gal).

Anyways, she moves in with one of the boys, nope, purely platonic, share the rent costs. At one of the 'ops normal piss-ups' she's there with ol' mate and both decidedly to get pissed. They both end up staggering to the carpark and obviously head back to their digs...err...I for one do not condone drink and driving.

Next that on PT the usual piss take re: getting pissed etc. Ol' mate 'fesses up and said:

"yup...fucked it"

Our next question..."what's the tits like?" Now getting a definite 'chub' on.

"Well, I woke up in the morning and there she is all naked and her tits were either side of her body."

*shudder* A mental image of rather large tits sprawled across her body did not go over too well.

She ended up getting a breast reduction at the army's expense.

edit: grammar my dear boy


My missus was depressed.
£7,500 is solving that problem as we speak - new bathroom.
But then she's only a 38DD on a fairly tall, proportionate chassis.


I could hack that lung warts either side sort of thing.
As long as they're not criss-crossed left under right armpit, right under left armpit, That's just dangerous.
You can have someone's eye out like that.


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An ex of mine is a 36G and also a physiotherapist (which is how we met - 'treatment' progressed wonderfully, thank you for asking). They get in the way when she's trying to treat people, she'd like to do more running but she can't, bras cost her an absolute fortune...

They may be fun for us blokes but a lot of big-chested lasses don't have a fun time of it day to day at all.


The ex is about 5'9", of a sturdy heifer build, a 40gg or hh or summit, never used to complain of back etc problems, I suppose so much of it is having the frame to carry the protuberances.
There is a remarkable lack of evidence (pictures) to support the 'my ex was xx double D', 'my mrs has humongous hooters' and 'I knew someone with monster mammaries' claims.

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