Huge bomb targets Iraq army recruits


At least 35 people have been killed in a car bomb attack at an Iraqi army recruitment centre in western Baghdad.
The car, packed with artillery shells, blew up at the gates of the centre, housed in an old airport. The blast was heard throughout the city.

According to reports, the car drove into a crowd of about 100 people queuing to volunteer before exploding.

Debris was scattered along a four-lane highway. At least one shell could be seen lying on the blood-stained road.

The health ministry says 138 people have been injured, many of them seriously. Officials said the death toll was likely to rise.
Looks like they're gearing up to a maximum effort here. :cry:
sadly this is starting to look a lot more organised than the "shoot and scoot" stuff that's been going on up to now , what with the active targetting of foreigners and oil industry execs , and the saboutaging of the pipeline , effectively cutting off all revenue to the new administration , methinks we might have ourselves a "man behind the scenes" doing a bit of coordinating
god only knows what's going to happen once we pull back, i just hope we don't take any more casualties , keep safe lads (and lasses).

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