Hug a Hoody Politician gets a kicking.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dwarf, Jul 4, 2008.

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    The man who advocated being easy on juvenile violence has just received
    a scuffing from some chavs.
    For once justice has been done.

    But while I would like to think he may have a miraculous conversion I somehow can't hold out hopes, he is a politician after all.
  2. At least he had a go - shame there were no coppers around to arrest him for scaring the poor darling thieves.
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I shall be laughing for some time over this. Im just wondering if his realisation that he is a pratt came before or after the incident. I must admit ive known it for some time.
  4. From the article, classic quote:

    "I completely AGREE! The government should be pushing young delinquent lads to join the army and sort themselves out!"

    So, own up then - would all the delinquents take one step forward. Best not name and shame here - it could be a long night!
  5. People with liberal attitudes are just tories who have never been mugged.
  6. This "bring back national service" and "get the army to sort them out" attitude has me a wee bit worried.

    Aye, this was the case for many years. We had more nutters in the army than in civvy street and gave them a hiding from the word go.

    This chanelled their aggression into something the Army could use - break them and re-make them - and it did a fine job.

    Don't stick yer neck out, don't volunteer and don't get noticed etc. Other folk in green will have messed up and get "volunteered" for tasks etc.

    But you knew where you stood, you were a wee hard man in a mob full of hard men and very outnumbered.

    Then the PC brigade gets their way and all these "abuses" come to light. Pull yer weight and yer okay. If not you'll get nailed.

    Every organisation has bullies - if you let them. If they think yer too much hard work to bully they'll give you a bit of peace etc.

    But since "Deepcut" all the namby pamby brigade will throw a fit if you even roar at someone or use their 58 water bottle as a football etc.

    What to do?.....

    Serves the politician right - he has no clue about what its like for these kids growing up, any more than politico's did when i grew up. He just jumpsa bandwagon or makes a sound bite his policy.

    I blame TV!!! They should never have taken Mary, Mungo and Midge nor the Clangers off daytime telly!!! :D
  7. i'm with you.

    Soooooo many polititions or so called behavior fcukwits seem to think that "MILITARY OBEDIENCE" = natonal service syndrome is the answer to every problem created by the government.

    Sorry, margeret becket is on the tv the mo. I'm frothing at the mouth.

    back soon, i hope.

    Well, G&T.

    Actually, the need is for an "International Agency".

    This agency will supply bodies to support and help the medical depleted countries.

    This means at least 1 year at an AIDS hospital. Anywhere.

    PLUS at least one year at a hospital/camp looking after the starving etc.

    The Liablair/connatzi gobment at the time would no longer need to pay the various n..... black politicos any bribes.

    That ******** woman becket just said brown IS a wonderull PM and has/and will do wonderfull things for this country.

    Sorry people, I'm too angry.
  8. Old goat I'm with you too pal.

    I'm a Jock but Broon's a JOKE!! And his cabinet are second class acts!!

    Charlie Carroli for PM - at least we'd smile :D
  9. Tee Hee good start to the day, brought a smile to my face. Did he shake their hands afterwards and say thanks, we must do this again some time ?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Hug a hoodie again you muppet - go on I dare you! Better still, let's see you continue to spout that policy idea of yours - betcha don't!
  11. Gave me a good laugh anyway.

    Still chuckling at the thought of 'the little rat faced boy' tw@tting him in the chops.

    Ho ho ho.
  12. I just hope he now realises that he is lucky that he was not shot or stabbed unlike some other vulnerable citizens. With a bit of luck this will be a reality check and lead to more practical policies.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Stabbing and shooting sounds like a great practical policy! :twisted:
  14. Maybe he hugged him too hard
  15. Classic line exile1! :lol:

    Hug a hoody script write for Cameron gets a thick lip... gorgeous, you can't make this stuff up... I bet he won't be hugging a hoody any time soon. Mug-by-a-hoody might be the title of his next speech the silly cnut. Well done for being a have a go hero though, something condemned by Jack Straw a couple of years ago.