Hueys instead of Lynx

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bowser-Mong, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Sunday Telegraph today (page 18) in its entirety.

    "The dismal story of how our Army in Iraq is given the wrong equipment continues. To carry out a range of vital tasks, from surveillance to providing air taxi services, its only helicopters are six Lynxes, designed for use in Northern Europe, hopelessly unsuited to hot conditions and continually breaking down. Much more appropriate to the job in every way would be Bell 212s (known as Hueys), which are very much cheaper and more reliable, suited to the heat, carry more people and are used by the US, Iraqi and other armies.
    Our Army has six Hueys in Belize, and the RAF uses another version to run a free air-sea rescue service for the government of Cyprus. Ann Winterton, the Tory backbench MP who is more on the ball than her party's entire defence front-bench team put together, therefore asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for the comparable operating costs of its Lynes and Hueys. A Lynx, she was told on Friday, costs £23,000 an hour, a Huey £2000. So which does the MoD supply to our soldiers in Basra? The one that continually breaks down and costs 10 times as much to run.
    And we are not talking peanuts here. At 100 hours a month operating time, this means we are spending around £150 million a year more than necessary, to provide our troops with much less efficient aircraft. Think of that next time you hear our Army in Iraq is "underfunded"."

    If we did have Hueys instead of Lynxes just think about the savings that would be made on aircrew rations as well. We are talking peanuts, LOTS and LOTS. :D
  2. And how much to train/convert aircrew, maintenance, spares, training of maintenance personnel integration of comms/navaids? Not that i am defending the tossers in office but these simplistic ramblings from the media are infuriating. Having seen the complete fcuk up that the MoD have made of aircraft maintenance in the past four years, not only in fast jet but the rotary world as well, i can only say that we are lucky to get any assets in the air at all. :frustrated:
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    The decision has already been made.

    Powers that be - The answer is "Lynx", DEC - make damn sure you set the questions right to ensure that answer......."
  4. Must buy British, doesn't matter if the kit is WNAK
    Hueys are better in Hot-dry conditions
    but it doesn't keep Brits in jobs in the west country does it?
  5. If the answer is Lynx. WTF was the question. Might help if the feckers at fleetlands got off their collective DARA arrses and did a full days work (yes i have worked for DARA, as both permy and connie scum) maybe all those assets sat around in bits could be put to good use.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Exactly - it is another one of those procurements that would be cheaper to buy US and give each and ever worker in Westlands a million redundancy payout. Instead the line of "must keep british skills"......personally I'd just do as most other nations with real budgetary limitations do and reverse engineer stuff bought in.

    The UK protection of some defence manufacturers is getting harder and harder to justify me thinks. We are no longer a world power....most other than HMG have recognised the fact already.
  7. To be more precise, the answer is a thinly disguised maritime Lynx, with b0llocks all thought having gone into the battlefield derivative.

    Lynx is a fine helicopter, but we've ragged the fleet and are in hock to Wastelands for the replacement.
  8. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha WAH64 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    I do hope that you are being ironic.
  9. And while were at it, get a copy of the chinook build it yourself guide.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  11. I was rather surprised at the introduction of the Griffin - or UH1N as the spams call it. It would make more logical sense for the AAC to use this type rather than the Lynx. The Lynx - if it's so costly - should be phased out ASAP in lieu of the Griffin. Buy a shed load off the shelf for starters and license build subsequent airframes at Westland's like the AH64 and whilst we're at it, replace the Gazelle with H6s and build them too.

    The Andrew can still faff with their Lynxes if they want to - or until they fall out of the sky, or they too could eventually opt for the Griffin. The USMC have no problems with this type for over water operations, though the Lynx has a good search radar. The SAR Griffins in use by 84 are apparently quite limited in payload and search capability so a VAS bloke was telling me.
  12. And where do you think the shaved chimp's personal chopper is being built?????
    AFAIK the majority of Westland rotary winged products up to Lynx and Gazelle were licence built Sikorsky cabs.
  13. This was a major leap from making garage doors. Are you sure they ever built the Gaz though?
  14. I travelled around for 2 years in Dhofar,during that war, in Bell 205(the European version of the Huey UH-1B).Great piece of kit in mountains and hot climates.Takes a lot of groundfire.The crabs sent out some Wessex,with 2 of everything,which had nowhere near the performance.Guys who had only flown fixed wing before,converted to Huey in 6 weeks,so what's the problem with rotary wing guys converting quite quickly? or is it an RAF thing?