Hudson Institute re "British Surrender"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DavidBOC, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. The Hudson Institute is a New York based think tank that is concerned with national security issues and recently has been very concerned about the issue of Islamist terrorism. They have recently posted an article called "British extend the white flag of surrender to Islamist Radicals" Article at:
    Britain Extends the White Flag of Surrender to Islamist Radicals :: Hudson New York

    It seems an interesting and serious article. I would suggest that anyone who responds remember that the mods tend to delete content that could infringe UK laws relating to anti-muslim speech.
  2. An interesting read, that picks up on a miniscule minority's displays. However, it ignores the fact that the majority of Moslems in Britain- who are still a tiny percentage of the population-are law abiding citizens with no desire for Sharia nor other "demands" of the radicals. Many, I suspect, left their homelands precisely to escape such practices?

    Anyway, whatever public face the government puts out, or is perceived by the likes of the Hudson lot, the government and its agencies quietly get on with dealing with the threat of home-grown militant Islamics legally. Some would hope that they also use less-than-legal means when necessary, on that I couldn't possibly comment.

    I find there's always the question of "where's the money?" or "Who profits?" behind reports like this, so do tell who backs this Hudson outfit?
  3. Until a couple of years ago I would have agreed with you.
    I have had a lot of Muslim colleagues where I worked even to the extent of being one of only three ethnic Brits in the store.
    Over the years I have become very friendly with some of them. Even to having been invited to family celebrations etc
    I don't think that we, by that I mean "non Muslims" have any idea the levels of anger that our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have generated. The people that I can talk to are certainly very upset and see our continuing presence as an attack on their co-religionists.
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The Hudson Institute is little more than a Pseudo Academic mouthpiece for American based multi-national chemical and pharmaceutical companies, meant to push their products and opinions upon the rest of the world,in other words a bunch of lying cnuts
  5. Surrender? Nah, its called multi-culturism.......

    As for what the public in the UK thinks, I suspect that many people are waiting to see how benefits reform and new immigration policy have an effect. I'm sure the government is well aware that the public expect results.
    What is perfectly clear is that we have a sizable minority of hardline militant Muslims living in the UK that have no place here and we haven't done anything about it.
    There has been a subtle change in ethos with the change of government though, it is no longer a sin to be proud of being British as it was under Brown and Blair.
    The BNP's influence and prominence is fading (hopefully) and I would think largely because the Home Office is quietly but visibly being seen to address the issues
    Politicians are well aware that immigration issues were a large factor in voters minds at the last general election and the government are evidently aware that actions speak louder than words.
  6. I was waiting for some new insight and there was none. At least they didn't resort to the usual Eurabia and Euroweenie abuse that normally comes from these type of US articles.

    Bonzo - 'Our' in that context is 'their' as well. If I am responsible because my family have been British for generations, then unless they are saying that they are not British because either a. they are muslim or b. they haven't been here long enough, they are foregn aliens who are not interested in the wider British polity. I would suggest that this be pointed out to them and that they either engage in British politics within our wider traditions or poke off somewhere else.
  7. Thats really the crux of the problem, isn't it? Their primary allegiance is to a a religion, and not a nation state. Incidentally, my experience of the UK Jewish community is that they hold exactly the same view. Probably most secular native Brits therefore feel aggrieved that a community enjoys the comforts and opportunities of UK Plc for multi-generations, whilst not integrating or giving any loyalty in return....
  8. Does not the United States have a very large Muslim community living in various cities around the various states? And, have there not been cases of radicalised American born of the Islamic faith who spout propaganda against various US policies?

    However, it is true that the last Labour government either deliberately ignored, or decided that ...'Radicalisation could not happen here due to our Multicultural, Multi-faith, Multi...everything UK society..!"

    It was also correct that the UK's own Muslim community leaders had been warning the then Labour government over the dangers of radicalisation - which again appeared to be ignored. The French Security services had been warning Blair and Pals about this years, and it appeared that this too was swept under the political carpet and ignored - possibly thought that it could never happen here. (The Curse of Multiculturism and Political Correctness)

    (As an aside -- it was a bit like the attitude in India by British people in believing that the British Raj would continue for forever. When Indian independence suddenly arrived in 1947, there was much disbelief at what was happening.... !!)

    With our last delightful Labour government.... like all governments that have been in office far too long, they come to believe their own lies, propaganda and bullsh*te as being 'Gospel'. Labour was no different in this respect. No doubt, the same for the Thatcher administration when they started to run down the Royal Navy before the Argies invaded the Falklands.
  9. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I'm waiting for Herr Dogface to find this thread.
  10. I read that. I do wonder how they expect a notionally democratic country to respond to mouthy agitators disrupting solemn commemorations? This is after all a country that let the rather more provenly dangerous chaps on the PIRA army council stoat about in full view. They did rather more than just annoy folks laying wreaths on Poppy day, some of them are now MPs. I can't recall allegations of PC piety floating across the pond at the time, howls of protest about British heavy-handedness were not uncommon.

    The UK is a heavily surveilled place with an intrusive security apparatus that would be a gross violation of the constitution in the US. You can also get banged up for writing Jihad loving poetry or be declared a terrorist if you are a feckless Icelandic banker but that's another matter. It does have a tradition of harboring political miscreants, especially those focused on rivals like France or Russia.

    But what comes to mind is the rather admirable US response to the Phelps clan ranting about sodomite flag idolatry at USMC funerals i.e. a vigorous defense of the annoying old buggers 5th amendment rights. The US is a rather more free country than the UK where a non-entity proposing an inflammatory Koran burning causes a great deal of constitutional hair tearing.

    Editors of Hudson New York should perhaps look to their own house and its traditions wherever that is.

    Nina Rosenwald, Editor-in-Chief: On the boards of AIPAC and MEMRI
    Richard Miniter, Senior Editor: A colorful Pajamas Media chap, nuff said
    William Katz: A Powerline hand I believe, oh dear

    A.Millar is a crude propagandist who has been pumping out this EUrabia drivel for years, his masters are not getting value for money and should up their game.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Odd it doesn't mention the somewhat larger EDL counter-demonstration at the same place nor that the only charges I've seen brought so far were against the leader of the EDL for assaulting a police officer.
    I believe they paid for the poppy they burnt, so at least the Royal British Legion got a few quid.

    BBC News - EDL founder charged with Muslim poppy protest assault

    Looks like further charges, if any, will follow in a few weeks.

    Don't quite see the relevance of HMS Intrepid in 1982 or Gibraltar (apart from the Moorish etymology of the name).

    Ahh. Seconds out! Ding, ding!

    May watch for a while, but it's a lovely winter's day with sun and snow, so not for too long.
  12. I'd suggest this is as over simplified a view as the one undoubtedly being touted by radical Muslims that we are all Christians and this is a new crusade. Given the issue made in the US over the Christianity of the president actually maybe that is the problem.
  13. Nice talking point but do you have empirical support?

    If you do not like the HI's point, then perhaps this one will be of some help:

    The Challenges of Islamist Ideology to America
  14. I knew I was right in thinking that our government is "quietly dealing with the problem".

    Why, just this week they've announced the purchase of a large quantity of railway "rolling stock".

    If, in these straightened times, you have spare money I suggest an investment in barbed wire and fencing manufacturers, temporary buildings suppliers, and IG Farben will pay a handsome dividend.

  15. The hvae indeed,but, IIRC they were Muslem converts of the Reid (shoe bomber type). The US has a huge advantage over the UK when it comes to immigration. By and large, almost all immigrants to the US want to BE American, whereas in many Eurpean countries I get the impression we are being trated as economies of convienience by many immigrants. The afromentioned advantage teh US enjoys ensures that to become American tehy have to study. Not the useless tripe that the last feeble minded govt introduced, but they must learn the language (to a good standard), the history and legal and political systems. All the stuff that we in the UK don't even teach our kids!!
    IMHO, it is this approach that prevents several thousand low paid workers being imported under the mis apprehension that they would return home in due course. Then them becomign ghettoised before gaining citizenship and staying. 30 years later their decendent are detonating themselves on public transport. The thing is, this did not happen to the Seikhs, Hindus, Chinese, afro-carribeans (1950's decent) and many other groups who came and settled in the UK.
    As one previous poster commented about the level of feeling amonst some UK Muslims and our recent operational involvements. There is an inability to dostinguis between religious and purely political grounds which seems to be lacking in their group and teh supposes Mulselm solidarity vaporises once you get sunni, sufi and shi'ite (sp?) together. Mixes that with Pakistani Muslems, Indian Muslems, Bengladahi Muslems and Arab Muslems all hating each others guts, itmakes a mockery of the entire thing!!