hubby's in iraq.. anyone else in the same boat?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by PU12, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Ello all,

    i'm using his log on, but am after chatting with any other wives with the same fate! ta.

  2. Ive just come back and Mrs Fox has just gone out (we had a week together), both know the risks of serving, its happened before, its happening now and no doubt itll happen to us again.
  3. i'm not serving, was just after chatting to other wives/ husbands of any description really. hope your wife is ok out there.
  4. hiya , im new to this site. my other halfs reg has been put on standby to go to iraq in january. im dreading it.

  5. lmao, would that be what DH calls a 'compassionate F*&K?? lol. The time leading up to them going seems to go so quickly, then whilst there theyre it drags, then again we're at the end of our 5th week now, so only 19 more to go wooohoooo!
  6. my other half was in afganistan earlier this year and that seemed to take ages till the tour ended it did my head right in. he is on excersice at the moment and its only been a few weeks and i miss him like crazy.
  7. Mines due back just in time for xmas :D
  8. aye my other half is due back n the 17th december day before the mess do lol
  9. mines got the two weeks R&R some when in jan.. don't know when thou.... roll on jan (wink wink!)
  10. get a dog, the time flies by with all that bloody walking and having to feed them.
  11. Luv ya miss ya cant wait for R&R :lol: :lol:
    etc etc etc
  12. i got to dogs and there doing my head right in there only pups and there right little bas**rds
  13. ive got 2 who are just pups and are doing my head in as well, youre not me are you???
  14. lol no. what pups you got ??
  15. he he i've got two pups as well, if they can still be called that, a german shepard (19 months - v v vocal! esp when Hubbys away) and a Staffy (16 months lovley and quiet, except she chews my carpets...... urggggggggggggg little mare.