Huawei P30 Pro

I have had iPhones sisnce the 3S, although I did dabble with the Dell Streak and the Microsoft phones at times. However I was a dyed in the wool iPhone user.
Until the last year or so when I could not see the point of upgrading my 7 Plus as the latest iPhones did not seem like much of an upgrade. All I want is an excellent camera, good battery life and reasonable waterproofing (1-2 meters). I used to be into DSLR photography, Canon 5D3, several L class Lenses. However once I realised that I was now mainly using my iPhone 7 for various non action pictures, I sold all my camera kit. I was happy taking everyday phots on my iPhone.

Anyway, whilst I was in Carphone Warehouse at the weekend (buying my daughter a new phone case), I picked up a Huawei P30 pro. I had read about way can the camera be as good as the reviews say.
Well it was, I was amazed at the clarity, colour and sharpness of the images. When I got home I read up on the phone and the reviews were very impressive. So Sunday I bought one, and I cannot believe how great the camera is. The images are stunning for a phone. Low light, close up, portrait, the zoom capability, just outstanding.
Also, today at about 2000hrs of low level use, few pics, browsing etc, the phone had 71% battery left.

It is expensive but if you want an amazing camera phone, I would highly recommend having a look at this little marvel.


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My uncle has the Huawei P30 pro - it's an amazing phone for the money, and blows any Iphone out of the water. Iphone OS is old hat now and rubbish compared to Android and the things you can do with it. Also the Huawei P30 pro will keep getting updates for Android + the apps, but in the future Huawei is going to release its own O/S which is about 60% faster than Android, uses less battery power and will work on PC/Tablet/Phone - so that will become an excellent OS in the future.

Lets face it Huawei have spent a ton of money on research and devolpment recently. are miles ahead in 5G technology and are very innovative. Samsung, Apple have been resting on their laurels and not been very innovative for the last couple of years - just copying features from each other, but not doing much with software design or even much with new hardware features.

For those thinking of an upgrade, wait a month and get the Hauwei Mate 20 X (5G)
For those thinking of an upgrade, wait a month and get the Hauwei Mate 20 X (5G)
You had me worried there, I thought that I had purchased prematurely. However I am mainly interested in the camera and the P30 pro has a better camera than the Mate 20x.
Only downside is that it will lack 5G in this version.
Well almost a month in and the camera is amazing, really stunning pictures in all conditions.

However......Android is fvcking diabolical. It is the most intrusive and annoying phone OS that I have seen.
You have to disable, configure and turn off so much crap, just to make it anywhere near as good as IOS, and even then you keep getting asked by Google Assistant iof you want to turn it back on....No I don't you shitty little app.

I really hope the next iPhone has a similar camera, I cannot wait to ditch Android.

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