Huawei Mobile Phones

Ive been looking around for a different phone as my contract is coming to an end and stumbled upon Huawei phones. The 2 models in particular I've noticed are the P1 and the Ascend g300.

Now I know it's a Chinese make which might put people off, but I couldnt give two hoots where something comes from as long as it's reliable;but even allowing for that they seem to be dirt cheap for the spec, at anything from 80 quid at tesco for the g300 and around 250 for the p1 (which is marketed as a top-end phone).

The reviews for both,seem to be very favourable but I've never actually seen one in use. Anybody got one or could give an opinion on them?

I go through 2-3 of their cheapest phones / year. Dunno how good they are when not choked to the point of shortcircuiting with masonry dust, though. I'm pretty happy with them. Buy the cheapest one, I say
I'm sure I heard something on news in the last few days that they are setting up big time in UK and creating 500+ jobs?

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