Huang Ju throws a 7

Chinese Vice-Premier Huang Ju, one of the most senior leaders in China, has died aged 68 in Beijing, the official Xinhua news agency has reported.
Huang was in charge of financial and economic policymaking in the Politburo, China's highest decision-making body.

He had not attended official functions since March 2006, when it was announced he was ill, reportedly with cancer.

An official obituary described him as a "long-tested and faithful Communist fighter" and an "outstanding leader".

Huang was one of the closest allies of the former Communist Party leader, Jiang Zemin, and formed part of Mr Jiang's so-called "Shanghai Gang" - the top leaders who emerged from China's financial capital to help him run the country.

When Jiang Zemin stepped down and was succeeded by President Hu Jintao, Huang remained in place, a powerful voice to lobby for the promotion of the former president's supporters.

Correspondents say Huang's death will give Mr Hu an opportunity to further consolidate his power base.


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I heard they were planning a Low Key funeral
Low Key can't do it so the Co - Op have stepped in

Boom Boom :D

I'm here all week

Coat ,Hat and be quick about it my man :arrow:
Another of the old guard gone, thank god. It's the ureconstructed types like Huang who've been keeping Hu Jintao from implementing the economic reforms hew's been tryong to dsince he came to power.

Hopefully, this'll weaken the power the Guangdong CP (in the first instance) has and enable central government to combat the rampant corruption aat provincial level more effectively. Hu knows damn well this is the issue on which CP rule will stand or fall on.
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