Can anyone assist; I've tried looking this up online but it's still gobbledygook to me.

How do you code for a URL link indicator using whatever word/words you choose?

Often someone will insert the word "linky" in their posts, with an underlying URL taking you to the link.

How do you do that?


[url=]Educate your self[/url]
[url=]World's best website[/url]
These produce:

Educate your self
World's best website
Easiest way.

Find the URL you want to link to, copy URL (highlight address bar> right click > copy).
Go to forum.
Type the text you want people to see in your post.
Highlight this text.
button. Gives you a box
Paste in linky URL that you copied in step 1 into that box (right click box >paste).

And voila.

Hint - Preview if unsure - click your text and make sure it leads to the page you want it to. Usually your text is underlined. On ARRSE it's blue text but check the link by hovering over it with the mouse and the pointer should change to a hand then you can click it and make sure you are sending someone to that shop that sells cheap beer and not porn.

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