HTD what is the max claim?

I live 86 miles away from my next posting in my own private house which I have owned for several years. I was thinking of commuting as its a straight motorway run takes roughly 1 hr 20 mins. I have read into JSP752 a bit and as I interporate it I can only claim a max of 50 miles after my own personal contribution of 9 miles each way?
Then the amount paid each way for 50 miles is £10.26 (return journey per day £20.52) x 365 / 12 months. It states that this lower rate is worked out for auto payment and is based on 18 return journeys a month at the full rate?
Have I worked this out right? The wording in the JSP is very ambiguous.


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50 miles is correct. I was commuting from my SFA to my unit which was 60 miles each way, and I still was capped at 50 miles.
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