Htd ? Duty vehicle

I've just been posted to a unit, where the soldier accommodation is some 6 miles away from work. transport is provided at certain times, generally not forgiving around when I work, meaning I frequently have to get to work 2 hrs early and dont get back for 2 hrs after finishing, if i get the transport. As a consequence I have been driving myself or cycling. Annoyed me but it made things easier, especially as we have to pay for parking too. I ve read the JSP and it states you can only claim htd if no transport is provided, even though its rubbish times it is there, and fails to turn up sometimes to, good when you've just done a 13hr shift.

However, i both hade technical difficulties with 2 forms of transport, and I struggled to make it to work, basically running there, just as well I went to leave early.

The unit has a duty nco tasking which means you have to be at the unit within 45 mins, if i had the same problem, this would be impossible. highlighted more by the lack of taxi s operating at even 0800 in the morning let alone 0400 in the morning.

Is there any scope for me being able to obtain a duty vehicle for duties of this nature, which is a very common occurance. I m not sure how things would happen if I didnt have a driving licence at all.

I have spoken to my admin cell, not very helpful, i thought id put a few feelers out on here before persuing it higher. its not getting to work that is the issue, as civies and married all have this trouble, its the getting to work within the allocated time, potentially it could be impossible.

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