HTC Wildfire, Blackberry Curve or Blackberry Storm?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Faustic, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Hey all. Cannot decide on which phone to buy, all have their pros and cons and price is a large consideration for me (I'm a student.. so therefore have no money).

    The 3 candidates currently standing:
    - HTC Wildifre (Can get for £80)
    - Blackberry Curve 8520 (Can get for £75)
    - Blackberry Storm 9500 (£150)

    I am tempted by the idea of a touchscreen phone, so the HTC and the Storm are screaming out to me, but a lot of my friends use BBM so that would also be useful. 3G would also be very useful aswell, I am mainly going to be using the phone for data usage/texting. The curve is the only one of the three without 3G capability, which is a shame. The camera quality doesn't bother me too much, though I have heard that the HTC's camera is very good for the price of the phone.

    Anyone's experience or advice regarding either of the phones would be very much appreciated, as I really am clueless which to get :p

    Thanks a lot

  2. Just got a Wildfire for my daughter yesterday. It's basically a slightly less powerful HTC Desire but it's a total bargain. I would get one no probs.
  3. I've not used a Blackberry but if your going the HTC route the Desire is superior to the Wildfire. The screen is far better in size and clarity and when on the net it seems to connect a lot quicker than the Wildfire.
  4. I recently traded in my HTC for a Blackberry 9700. As mentioned above, there are pros and cons for each but, overall, I'm disappointed with the Blackberry.

    I've just spent all day trying to sync my collection of Vera Lynn 78s (that's music btw) to the Blackberry but without success. Syncing went without a hitch on the HTC. From backups that don't to the upgrade that trashed my password database, there are too many things like this on the BlackBerry that simply don't work.

    Biggest problem for me is that BlackBerry retain control of the device after you buy it. They can, and will, install and deinstall applications over the air without even referring to you. Worst of all, if you want to get proper, synchronised, push email off the Exchange mail server at work/Uni, which I'd guess you will, you need to cough up an extra £28 per month to Blackberry in addition to whatever you're paying the phone company. HTC phones do this out of the box, free of charge using ActiveSync. So do iPhones.

    BlackBerry has a good keyboard and it can juggle multiple email accounts quite well. Other than that, it's had its day.
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  5. just bought a HTC HD7 absolutely awesome!!! all the email stuff you need, I have 3 accounts on there and a remote server
  6. You've missed the point. If you just look at the specifications, HTC make just TWO models of phone, encased in a variety of different casings. One runs on a 550'ish Mhz CPU, the other one runs on a 1,000 Mhz CPU. And, of course they have different versions of Android installed on them, from v1.5 up to v2.3 -but Android's just software; it doesn't take a genius to "get root" which gives YOU the power to install whatever version of Android on the phone you want on there.

    Under the plastic casing, the differences between the "Wildfire" and the original "G-1" (The first ever Android phone) are minimal. If you're going for the cheaper, slower end of the Android marketplace, then I'd give serious consideration to the ZTE "Blade". You won't find it under that name in the shops, but it's currently being sold by Orange (for £100) as the "Orange San Francisco". Shop around, because older stock features an (expensive!) Capacitative screen and newer stock features the cheaper Resistive screen. Getting it unlocked from Orange can be done by buying a code from EBay, which currently costs about two quid. (Eight quid cheaper than your friendly neighbourhood market stall!!) I'd also get rid of the crap Orange has pre-installed on the phone; Google Maps is not only BETTER than the Orange equivalent, but it's FREE. Then I'd get over to News and find simple instructions on how to "debrand" your Orange phone. The Techie consenus is that the Blade offers the best value for money of ANY current Android phone.

    My advice? Go for the Orange San Francisco, get it unlocked, get it "debranded", and sign up with "3".

    HTC Wildfire vs. ZTE Blade -
  7. Ive got a HTC Wildfire, been great so far, Im on orange with it and with BT openzone seem to get internet where ever I go....fingers crossed not a problem so far.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS for a bunch of old git you know a lot about new techy kit, but my Wildfire is the dogs IMHO
  9. Another vote for the Wildfire. Yes, it's not bleeding edge/bells+whistles, but it does everything the non-geek needs to do in the social media areas. It's also a lot less bulky than the Desire models.
  10. Motorola Defy.

    More powerful than the Wildfire, much higher-resolution screen, larger screen, much tougher, waterproof, fully featured with 3G, etc, and all on similar prices/contract plans. I've got mine for £75 initial payment plus £15 a month on 24-month T-Mobile: 300 mins, 300 texts, unlimited Internet, plus flexible monthly boosters such as international calls, etc. Plus you get the Orange signal so you're more likely to have coverage everywhere in the UK.
  11. I have a Blackberry Curve on O2 and as far as I am concerned it is very good. Does the e-mail thingy, great internet access, good clear screen and an absolutely relentless alarm clock.
  12. I concur. It's crap at Bluetooth though.