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I recently got a HTC One S on my new contract and saw on one of the "How-to" videos about uploading the media to your TV. It uses an accessory called a Media Link, which wirelessly connects to your phone, whilst plugging directly into your TV's HDMI port. And the phone itself operates 1080 HD media

Now being a bit of a pikey I only have a HD Ready TV (and not the full 1080 spec), and I've tried to find the answer to this but I think most of the specs online now just assume we're all with the times and have full 1080 HD TVs.

So my question is (before I go and fork out £40 for one of these) - will it still work with the standard HD TVs, or will I have to part with my hard-earned* cash and go and buy a new telly?

We need a new telly anyway I think - if the benefit thieving scumbags can have a 50" plasma, then I figure I need to maybe get one too. It looks like a pretty decent bit of kit with a lot of potential, and I know there are plenty of HTC users on here cos you all brag about it everytime you post...

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