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HTC Desire S

I got a HTC Desire S from o2 earlier on a two-year contract. I've got 300 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited WiFi and 500mg of data allowance.

Now there are two things I'd like to know as I'm a bit of a retard when it comes to Mobiles.

A] - I've been using the WiFi at home, with my broadband router and the Mobile Network turned off, and I downloaded a couple of free apps. Will they come out of my data allowance?

B] - I made a quick call earlier, about a minute long. I've looked up my allowance and whats left of it on o2.co.uk this evening and its registered I made the call.
However, it said '8 minutes and 2 seconds of' the ten minute period remaining. Can someone tell me what this means, as I supposedly have 300 minutes, not 10.


If you are using wifi then it won't come off your data allowance because the data is coming from the wifi, not the mobile system.

don;t know about B

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