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HTC Desire problem


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Yes its three years old. Like the phone but having a bit of a stutter at the mo. For good and benefit of any other Arrsers who aren't minted - chat with HTC support today:

[Handshake stuff. Asks what is phone IMEI]
Goatbloke: okay IMEI is: 353833048340183
Goatbloke: you rcve?
CATO: Thank you. Just a moment.
Goatbloke: fine
Goatbloke: Good user name :)
Goatbloke: problem?
CATO: Thank you. It is actually my real name. Can you try to access the boot menu?
Goatbloke: Phone 'hangs' at first screen - doesn't even get as far as 'quietly brilliant'
CATO: Power off the phone. Keep the phone on charge. Press down the volume down button and then press and release the power button.
Goatbloke: taken out battery...taken out Sd card...taken out fix. Charged battery, currently connected to laptop - although charging light is on pc does not recognise that phone is connected. Dead phone.
Goatbloke: okay done have screen saying fastboot,recovery,clear storage,simlock
CATO: Please try a recovery first.
Goatbloke: tabbed to 'recovery' hit power on have image of phone with red triangle exclam !
CATO: If a recovery do not work then you wil have to do a factory reset (clear storage). Unfortunately a factory reset will delete all personal content on the device.
Goatbloke: such as ?
Goatbloke: still here
CATO: Contacts, pictures, media, personal settings etc. All personal content stored on the internal memory.
Goatbloke: damn...can we try another option?
Goatbloke: ps from IMEI number what model is this phone plse|?
CATO: You have a HTC Desire.
Goatbloke: got that
Goatbloke: what is alternatyive to factory reset plse?
CATO: A factory reset is the only thing you can try now.
Goatbloke: okay just for future reference how can i do a backup of personal info from internal memory?
CATO: If a google account was added to your HTC Desire then your contacts should be backed up already. You can back up your HTC Desire using HTC Sync.
CATO: I think you have a hardware fault. Repair is needed.
Goatbloke: was working okay yesterday -problem appeared when I tried to download Compass app from app store
Goatbloke: phone is 3 years old -should be okay for 5?
CATO: I agree but unfortunately we can not expect more than 2 -3 years.
Goatbloke: will take phone to Carphone Warehouse and see what they say - is there a HTC technical facility here in UK
Goatbloke: is there a HTC technical facility here in UK?
CATO: Repair needs to be booked through us by calling 0845 890 0079 but I am not sure if your Desire is beyond economical repair.
Goatbloke: Arrrrggghh....cannot afford new HTC !
Goatbloke: will see what Geek Squad say. Ta.
CATO: No problem.
CATO: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Goatbloke: fix damn phone :-D
Goatbloke: cheers Cato - laters innit
CATO: Thanks for chatting with me today, Goats. To end our conversation, please click End Session

I'm taking the poor old tinbox to Geek Squad on Monday.will see what they say other than
' Yeah, its a new HTC One'


Mrs ES has now had 2 x HTC Desire in the last 12 months. Both ended up being returned and replaced under warranty. When it went to the great phone god yet again she insisted on getting her money back and now has an iphone 4 16GB. She finds it much easier to operate and has had no problems with it.


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been pretty good so far, quite happy with it....just decided to fritz this morning dangit.

And I'm not in a position to buy a fackin' I-phone just now!


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so does a hard reset not work then?

if you want a new one that isn't overpriced then have a look at the moto g.
I've just changed to the HTC 8S, not a bad phone, only fault is there aren't as many apps as the main 2 phone OS's.
You'll lose everything, but the only option is to reflash the stock rom. Had to do that on friends' Samsungs, the PYT's Huawei G525, amongst others.

What is the EXACT model of your HTC, so I can get you the instructions on what to do.


My HTC Desire randomly packed up the other day. One moment it was working ok, then it switched its self off and is now being used a paper weight. Plug it in to the mains no lights, no nothing. Tried the various holding buttons, turning on, doing a dance etc etc.


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That happened to my HTC this morning. Switched off last night and put on to recharge the battery. This morning not a cheep. Hard start not working either so it looks like buying another handset. Wouldn't mid if it gave a bit of warning instead of slipping off to the phone graveyard without so !much as a 'See you later Bud!'


My HTC Desire is 3 years old and is still working perfectly, touch wood.

I'd love a HTC One but not in a position to pay the monthly amount all the companies want.

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