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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. This really aimed at all the kit sellers. Dose anyone know where I can buy High Speed Gear's taco High Speed Gear, Inc. | Product Detail in the U.K as I fancy treating my self in the new year.
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    Wow ! How did you find that so quickly ?
    Did you do some sort of 'search' or other high tech computer stuff ?
  4. I still cant understand whats so great about them ?
  5. To be honest, your bestest lady with a sewing machine could make the taco for you if you got yourself some kydex and did the heaty, bendy, shapy, thingy. They are not that complicated. Basically a flat piece of cordura, seamed around the edge, bit of webbing sewn on, kydex U shaped thing around the sides and bottom and then held together with some thin bungee.

    They work, no doubt about it. I have seen them in action and was even considering some for me. Here they are in action -

    This pic was taken before the lob from 13500 feet:


    This one was taken just after landing:


    There were a few of us taking bets on where the contents of the Taco's would land, but we were pleasantly surprised to see everything intact and in place on landing.

    What has convinced me not to buy them is that they are fiddly and feckin pigs to get attached to molle. There are other "quickdraw" systems out there, maybe they will not accept all the magazine variants that the Taco does, but its worth a further look for the price being charged.

    I quite like the Esstac kywi with its kydex insert:

    Esstac M4 Single Wedge w/ KYWI
  6. So a pouch thats almost universal that can take most mags ??? why ? who changes weapons systems that often ,that this would be a major concern ?
    while your zeroing your new weapon system would you not have time to swap a couple of mag pouches on your set up ?

    Im not getting this am I ?
  7. The reality is; who is gonna change their magazine types from one day to the next - speshully in the British Army? The selling feature is; it will take a multitude of magazines.

    There is a version (copy) made by a boxhead company that also takes the G36 mag.

    Mr. Thecoops, if you wait till the end of the month they hugest gun and gear show in the world is on and all the new products will be shown off and released. Thats the time to be looking at Soldiersystems, milspec monkey and all the others for the new stuff. I will be produce some pics and a report to post in this section of Arrse.
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  8. I just fancy getting one or two but don't want too get them from the states. And I think if a trader started selling them in the U.K they might be on to a winner especially with the waltsofters.
  9. Fatmini could make them, ask him - they are really simples. The only fiddly bit is the kydex and that is not rocket science - you cut it to size, heat it in an oven and shape it. I can probably dig out some contact details for a small qty. kydex supplier in the UK, around GB12.00 for a square foot.

    You're right. You don't want to get them from the States, postage has become a killer in the last few years.
  10. daywalker

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    If this was a goer I would be up for getting a slack handful of these as well.
  11. As would I but only if he (1157 et al) put a sensible fastening system on the back....the ones shown look hellish fiddly
  12. As I said above. Pigs to fit.

    Fatmini would have to change the name though, could'nt call them the Taco ........... have to be something like the Butty or the Bap. The 1157 Bap.
  13. 1157 Banjo ?
  14. Flapjacks?