HSBC, what a bunch of tossers

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by vampireuk, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Well this afternoon I've been royally shafted by HSBC, over the past couple of months I've been slipping into the red and this month plunged in by a couple of hundred quid due to needing four new tyres on my vehicle. I'm due to be stung another £150 charge from the bank in august for some ghastly crime of borrowing money so I rang them today to arrange a overdraft. When asked what I needed the money for I explained that it was a buffer for the next couple of months so I can get my finances sorted out again and get myself back out of the red and then cancel said overdraft. Nope, they are more than happy to just continue charging me the £150 fee every month instead, perhaps if I said I had a drugs addiction or wanted to simply get pissed up they would have granted me it. Anyway I'm currently waiting on a email from Alliance and Leicester to set up a new account with them and transfer everything over to them. Once this is done what are my options for settling what is "owed" to the robbing cnuts that I'm leaving, anyway I could force them into accepting one single penny a month for the next hundred years?
  2. I think you might find that all the UK high street banks will charge for an unauthorised overdraft, not just HSBC. Alliance and Leicester's unauthorised overdraft charges are £5 per day (ie. £150 per month). They're all robbing cnuts when it comes to using their money without asking, that's why I don't do it any more.
  3. That is why I went to them asking them for a overdraft giving a honest explanation of the situation, rather then get stung with a charge for a unauthorised overdraft I'd get one set up with them as a buffer that wouldn't require such a large fee. Obviously they would rather charge me £150 a month instead of the lower overdraft fee instead which is why I'm hoping on moving to A&L and setting up a overdraft with them to get myself sorted out over the next couple of months. To me it's the principle of the thing, I went to them cap in hand, completely honest about everything and they f*cked me off.
  4. get a credit card..cheep as chips infact they are free...!!! wohoooooooo
  5. HSBC , like other banks, is a business. They want to make as much money out of each and every customer they can and that sadly, includes you. They can make £150 out of you by doing nothing or make nothing by giving you an overdraft that you need. From a business perspective, it's a no brainer.
  6. Unauthorised Overdraft is in fact theft.

    To have an authorised overdraft you have to prove that you don't actually need one. You proved you did. Remember it is their money and they don't have to give you didly squat.

    they will all fork you off, so would your mates and everybody else if you constantly borrow money without permission
  7. It's not constantly however, it's the first time in three years and I've got a substanstial amount of money locked away in another savings account with them. Things can sometimes happen that can cause you to go overdrawn, it's happened to me and the instant it has happened my bank has mugged me off, so they have lost my bussiness now. Once everything is transfered over they can chase after me for the rest of their cash because I'm not doing them any favours.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Get a grip of your finances then.

  9. Already explained that I am.
  10. HSBC are bastards. Mag to grid.

    Think you'll be hard pushed to get an overdraft for the first few months in a new account though.

    If you're consistently struggling to stay afloat, you shoud think about talking to the RAO.
  11. Theft? Fcuking idiot 1st. It's not theft if you have an account with them and give reasons for being overdrawn and wanting to put things right by setting up an overdraft. MSR, I think our friend is getting a grip of his finances by trying to set up and overdraft and open a account with a new bank on principle. I'd do the same.

    And they don't have to give you diddly squat? Fcuking idiot 2nd. That's why he's changing banks because they're not cutting him any slack. Without customers a bank cannot operate so it should show respect to it's customers and assist them when requested.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Money in one account, no money in other account...

  13. Is that advice or just a clever remark?
  14. My son had same problem with hsbc.

    He applied for a refund of bank charges of £700 2 months ago.

    Funny they are now removing his overdraft of £200.

    I applied with natwest on line for him,he just had to nip in the branch and sign a form.£300 overdraft.It was £600 i just didnt tell him i lowered it :roll: Thats on a pte's wage.
  15. This is a account where the money is locked away, I have no access to it for a few more months until the account "matures".

    Quite correct!