HSBC helps fund Islamic website attacking Brit soldiers

HSBC and other financial institutions paying for advertisements on extremist Islamic website which has a Crusader Death section and mocks the deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan and their families.
STOP this funding of the enemy and write to HSBC's Marketing Department at: HSBC Bank PLC, Marketing Department, Level 33, 8 Canada Square, London, E14 5HQ
There is no way a British bank should be funding a site which calls Osama Bin Laden an honourable gentleman and houses Taliban videos.
Full article here:

HSBC and other advertisers MUST stop their advertising on this site NOW.
Had a quick look and cant see a thing, show the actual link to the hate you are talking about or go away and stop this hate mongering !!!
I can see a banner for an Islamic Baby Bond?
roadster280 said:
HSBC is not a british bank. It is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. They bought Midland Bank about 20 years ago and rebranded them.

I do agree they are cnuts though.
Useless point of the day.

Although Midland Bank was brought out by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, they made a big point of saying it was to change it's name to HSBC, which DID NOT stand for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

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