Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ironeye, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Ok so when I'm in the gym on the treadmill my heart rate peaked at 200bmp, now I'm on the road running I need one of those watch things, I have done a bit of research and seen most of them need a finger pressed on the sensor, seems a little clumsy when running so is there any that take it from your wrist. Also can anyone recomend one?

    for my age my heart rate should be between 100-130 scary seeing 200 pop up :(
  2. Right, not sure where you get a HRM which takes it from your finger???

    Anyway fella, for running you get a HRM with a chest strap which takes your HR and transmits it to wrist watch- much easier. Polar are the best I reckon, can pick them up cheap ish (30 quid?). A basic HRM can be even cheaper if you get a good deal. Best ask someone else for the best websites, my hrm was a christmas present so I don't know.

    And when running 200bpm is perfectly normal heart rate to see- means you are working hard :D.

    I don't know where you got 100-130 from?

    (PS. no wah right:D?)
  3. some of them have a sensor on the watch that you stick your finger on and takes a reading that way.
    i have heard of polar seems quite a well known brand.
    lol the 100-130 came from another website that works an average out based on your age (whilst running) went something like
    I'm 20 so 20-220=200
    200x .50=100
    200x .75=130
    no idea where the 220 or the .50/.75 comes from.

    On a separate note the back of my left knee really hurts when stretching it, should i avoid my run tomorrow in case i tear a ligament?
  4. well i just bought one not bad price, just needs new battery
  5. ironeye. You don't want to be giving out your name and eBay username on here. :roll:
  6. Sad thing is I'm not in shape lol I'm 5'10 at 90kgs so my bmi says I'm overweight.

    That watch i just bought cost £40 from the Oregon website. hope fitting the battery wont to too expensive.
  7. Beast yourself anyway?*

    *I am not a qualified health professional and nothing in this post should be construed as anything more than the rantings of lunatic.
  8. ironeye. Edit your previous post (with the eBay link) to delete the link. PERSEC
  9. Even so, 200 x 0.75 = 150 not 130.

    But as has been said, the 220 - age is rubbish. I've seen 210 whilst running before for a start.

    HRM useful for showing improvements (same distance at same pace with lower HR), and also for monitoring illness (resting pulse rate will often be higher if you are ill, or so I'm told).

    Anyway, I hope you get on ok with new gadget!
  10. any advice about me knee? dont wanna over do it and rip a tendon. when i stretch down to me feet whilst standing its quite painfull.
  11. I take it when you were in the running machine you grabbed the sensors whilst running.

    If you did your heart rate will shoot up and therefore appear alot higher than it is. Now you have a HRM you should see a big difference if you use the runner again.