HRH William welcomed by most senior soldier in the Army?????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Louis_Cyph, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Saw this on the Army Intranet.

    Edited as the link didn't work, and strictly speaking DII is a bit "shhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    If you can't be bothered to check the link this is what it says:

    "They were welcomed by the Commandant of the Academy, Major General Andrew Ritchie, and were introduced to the Academy Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer Class 1 Simon Nichols. The Academy Sergeant Major, who is the most senior soldier (rather than officer) in the Army, is responsible for the discipline of both the staff and students at the academy, and is also in charge of making sure that the students' drill is of an appropriate standard."

    Really??? I know a conductor who would have something to say about that. The G3 Heros hate hearing that Loggies have a more senior appointment than all of them. I love it!!
  2. Always fun when the PR people know less than their audience. They seem to see their task as rewording things to justify their existence, thus introducing errors.

    [sarcasm] They're worth every penny we spend on them [/sarcasm]
  3. "The G3 Heros hate hearing that Loggies have a more senior appointment than all of them".
    Hasn't this argument been on Arrse before?. Is this in QR's ? Doesn't it say that Conductor is the equal appointment as ASM, RMAS as it is in the same group and not senior. If it was the senior appointment then it would appear on its own in group 1 and all others in subsequent groups as defined below

    Warrant Officer - class 1


    Conductor, RLC
    Royal Artillery Sergeant Major
    Academy sergeant major, RMAS
    Garrison sergeant major London District


    Master gunner, RA.


    Garrison sergeant major (except London District).


    Regimental corporal major
    Regimental sergeant major.
    Staff sergeant major. RLC or AGC(SPS)
    Sergeant major
    Any other appointment on the establishment of a unit or corps carrying the rank of warrant officer, class 1, e.g. artificer sergeant major, superintending draughtsman.
  4. I'm sure this has been debated ad infinitum on arrse, so I don't want to rekindle it but here is an extract from the royal warrent which established conductors:

    By Royal Warrant of 11 January, 1879, a class of Warrant Officers was constituted, “to assist in the discharge of the subordinate duties of the Commissariat and Transport and of the Ordnance Store Departments of our Army, to be denominated ‘Conductors of Supplies’ and ‘Conductors of Stores’ respectively. Their position in our Army shall be inferior to that of all commissioned officers and superior to that of all non-commissioned officers. Conductors shall at the same time have full power to exercise command over any subordinates of the Departments of our Army, or non-commissioned officers or soldiers of our Army, who may be placed under their orders”. #

    I only really wanted to point out that even our own Defence Intranet doesn't seem to know what the score is!
  5. Fine in 1879 but not in 2006.
  6. True, but then you could say the same thing about a million other peculiarities about the way business in conducted in this country, such as the way the house of Lords and the House of Commons operate. No body seems to have repealed that particular Warrent so I guess it still stands.
  7. Is the 1879 warrent awarded to Conductors today or is there an updated version that reflects what is in QR's?
  8. a loggy being senior?? fu(k that off
  9. I recently read Peter Ratcliffe's book regarding his 25 years in the SAS. Near the conclusion of the book, he has to arrange the funerals for 3 of the men who were killed on the ill-fated Bravo-Two Zero patrol. He picks up the phone to RMAS and speaks to the RSM who he calls "The most senior RSM in the Army".
  10. Seconded
  11. So someone writes something in a book. Big deal! I'm this guy was excellent at his job but if he's like the rest of the G3 fraternity then he's probably got his head stuck in the sand over this issue.

    Listen guys I'm not offering opinion, but fact. You can check any OFFICAL documents you like - you might not like it, but be sure to make sure any WO1 you meet stands back for a conductor. They can be recognised by the Laurel Wreath they wear around their Royal Coat of Arms like an SQMS wears around their Crown.

    [Enter stage left] G3 bloke with an inferiority complex.

    [Cue] more slagging off....

    ......and action.
  12. and whats wrong with loggies???
  13. As already shown, QR's above doesn't support your assertion. Yes there are peculiarities associated with the conductor appt but the hard cold fact is they are equal in appt not senior. Yes they may be an older appt but still not senior QR's refers. :lol:
  14. A correct statement amongst RSM's but, a Conductor is not an RSM. As quoted earlier, "the Conductor is junior to all Officers and senior to all Non-commissioned Officers" .... If we were to continue with this argument and disagree with the Royal Warrant of 1879, then we might as well do away with Regimental Seniority and Precedence and operate on a "first comes gets right flank on parade basis"! I'm fairly condfident that the likes of the Household Cavalry and the HAC might mount a vigorous argument against such a free for all!
    Anyway, when does the press ever get anything right with regard to military etiquette?
  15. Its a fact! - so, Coat and Taxi for SSI please!
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