HRH TPoW Embarrasses MoD!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. From the Daily Mail (for full story click link):

    Prince Charles has waded into the row over the treatment of British soldiers by organising a personal medal ceremony for returning troops – and privately expressing dismay at the lack of recognition for their efforts.

    He will hold a reception today at Birkhall, his Scottish retreat, in honour of the Territorial 51st Highlanders who recently returned from Iraq.

    A senior military source explained: "The Prince wanted to pay tribute. He has been disturbed by what he sees as a lack of recognition for the efforts of our men and women serving overseas at this difficult time.

    "He said he wanted to meet them and their families to thank them personally."


    The Prince's intervention is potentially embarrassing for the Government, already facing criticism about the treatment of soldiers fighting in the Middle East.

    The Ministry of Defence has been slated over its care of injured soldiers, poor equipment, soldiers' pay and accommodation and distribution of medals.

    But a spokesman said last night: "When people come home we make sure we have some form of event to honour them, and if you have served a certain number of days you also get a medal. If other people wish to host events, that is very welcome.

    "Anything the Prince is choosing to do himself is a matter for his office. It is not unusual for Royal colonels-in-chief to present medals to their units."

    Well done Prince Charles and congratulations to 51 (Highland) Regiment - enjoy the pomp and ceremony!
  2. Good skills, he should start to pop up at other coming home parades/march throughs. Wouldn't take long to highlight the issue/promt support

    Not that support "Prompted" is what anyone wants....If you get my drift
  3. I would call it leading from the front myself.
    A couple of my local lads are attending, I am proud of them and I damm well hope the rest of the country is too.
    Hopefuly HRH's actions will be the start of more widespread recognition for our troops.

  4. Well done to HRH Charles.

    Enjoy the party lads & lassies, you all deserve it.

    Hope he's got plenty of swally in. :D
  5. I like him, mad as a fish but not bad for a toff.

  6. Good on him. A few more events like this could raise public awareness.
  7. Any comment from main building on this? Where's he gone....
  8. when the royals were doing visits to the troops a while back, the government hit charles with a tax inspection. were these incidents related??? I wonder what they will do to try and shut the royals up this time?

  9. also get a medal. As if it is an afterthought, on a par with some Kosovan asylum seeker getting a certificate to acknowledge that he has passed some notional 'Britishness' test, instead of a formal acknowledgement of courage, duty, public service and self-sacrifice.

    About sums up this Government.
  10. Outstanding.

    Thank you HRH for recognising what a fantastic - selfless act that these great forces personnel do.

    What l truly find disgraceful is the general public's attitude, to our armed forces. Considering the amount of time that some forces personnel/units/regiments put into raising MONEY for other CHARITIES, such as cancer research, three peaks challenge, those less fortunate than most, outside their operational tours, and sometimes during.........

    lf you happen to be reading this, and your not a member of the armed forces - think for a moment. Some charities have benefited tremendously from the forces contribution. Has a member of YOUR family benefited, if so, think again just how much further forward the charity has move with some of the financial assistance received from the armed forces.

    l'm not asking you to be eternally grateful, what l would ask is - if you are not happy about our troops being in Iraq/Afghan, canvas your local NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, MP.

    lt was NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME that decided to send our troops to Iraq/Afghan.

    lt was NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME that are keeping our troops from returning.

    lt is NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME running down the medical after-care of our fantastic - outstanding troops.

    The honeymoon is OVER Gordon!

    Again, if you are unhappy with our troops being in Iraq/Afghan - use your vote, tactically. NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME have demonstrated time and again, no matter who is in number 10. That they are not interested in listening to 'Joe Public'!

    Those in the forces, have been aware of this for years. lt is just a pity that now NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME have turned their attention to ignoring the mass; only foreign nationals seem to be benefiting from NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME............

    The honeymoon is OVER Gordon!
  11. I disagree with the title of this thread. Afterall, how could Prince Charlse ever surmount the embarrassment our New Labour scum government and MoD civil servents bring upon themselves.

    I would suggest his actions merely bring it to the atention of the great unwashed over their breakfasts.. er, sorry, the remains of last night's takeaway!
  12. More likely POW trying to get some good publicity for himself in case the big investigation shows he and his family had their sticky fingers in causing a certain car crash
  13. PoW is a fcuking t!t.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Ooh, hark at the intellectual cut and thrust :roll: