HRH the Prince of Wales and P Coy

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. I saw that at the unveiling of the Battle of Britain memorial Charlie was wearing para wings. Can anyone tell me if he has done P Coy or did he do an Idi Amin?
  2. To the best of my knowledge, he did not do P Coy - nor did he do the full course at Abingdon or Brize. As I remember it, he did a single water jump.
  3. What does his mum's regs say about that?

    Can anyone remember the story below?

    In 1996, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy Boorda committed suicide when he learned that a reporter was about to disclose he had wrongly worn two Combat V pins on a Bronze Star, a medal that does not denote valor under fire.

    and another note from the States, where it is a Federal offence to wear combat medals, ribbons or insignia that you did not earn. There are more than double the 124 living recpients of the Medal of Honor that openly claim to have won it!
  4. The wings he wears are the blue RAF 'jump in puddle' wings.

    Almost airborne, sort of.....
  5. So does that mean all the Crabs wearing wings are not para trained?

    I jumped 10 feet from a Scout while on a recce once - does that count? :wink:
  6. I can't comment on the crabs equivalent to P Coy because I didn't do it but it's not P Coy. That will give them F*ckers on their copycat forum, something to rant about.
  7. You don't get parachute wings for having done P Company.
  8. No but you have to pass P coy (Army) first (unless of course you have just passed selection or have done the Commando course) to be able to do the jumps course at Brize. Other wise, get yourself a nice 'lightbulb' and wear it on your sleave.
  9. Well, he did this bit anyway...

  10. But does that give him the right to wear Para Wings?
  11. I would like to stand there, pick peanuts out of poo and examine what parts of the course he did and didn't do and whether that had been anyone else, they would of passed and been entitled to wear the coverted BBC but given the fact that he holds the rank of HRH and his Mum is the Boss, maybe we should tolerate it?
  12. Harry's got a Golden Jubilee, so why can't charles have wings?
  13. Make your own mind up.

  14. Been there, done that. Bugger me. Ugly he may be but he has done pretty much everything.