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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by master-mariner, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. It was great to see Prince Edward again, bemedalled and bejeweled, attending the St Paul's service for Iraq on Friday last. Having 'dropped out' of his Commando training course at CTC Lympstone, he appears to have collected a whole load of gongs; presents from Mummy or front-line service to Queen and Country? Am I correct in assuming that all Officers of the Wessex Yeomanry have such gorgeous uniforms? Or has Edward blown the whole TA training budget in decking himself out in such bird-of-paradise finery?
    As a Falklands Veteran, with two CTG318 Commendations, I was apoplectic with hypertension to see him strutting the stage amongst so many remarkable, brave, loyal members of our armed forces.
    No doubt, he'll now have accelerated promotion, from Royal Honorary Colonel to goodness knows what!
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Great first post...

    several days late, repeating another post by someone who ballsed up and thought it was HRH DofE and generally a bit OTT trying to blame the TA funding gap on one person...keep trying.

    *Nurse another one got out...get the jacket and syringe.*

  3. Royal Hon Col RWxY. Probability that his uniform came out of "the whole TA training budget": nil. Training budget is for, er, training.

    Medals: probably Silver / Golden Jubilees from Mum (perk of being a Prince). Any RWxY Offr with "such gorgeous uniforms" has paid for them himself: so too presumably has HRH. Nice try but non-story.

    Medics please cfm if hypertension is a cause of apoplexia? Or is master-mariner a freak of nature?
  4. Master Mariner may have overstressed the issue, but he does have a point. Edward failed his Cdo course; no shame in that, plenty do. Remember, however, his pathetically childish and immature whingeing when challenged over the It's A Knockout debacle? And his family bailing him out when his film production company failed? Despite shamelessly plugging it via his Mummy's connections.
    A complete waste of rations/skin
  5. Edward wears the uniform of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry as its the senior squadron. Whatever you may think of him he's been a good ambassador for the RWxY. Last year during TA100 party at the palace Edward was being introduced to several TA worthies, all pre-selected, however, on seeing a few guys from the RWxY in the crowd he darted towards them to have a chat. He didn't have to but it was quite nice to see our royal honourary colonel making time to talk to us.
  6. crawl back in your whiskey bottle
  7. There won't be a RWxY once these cuts have been finalised and the TA is demobbed due to lack of interest.

    Then they'll bring in the Graduated Commitment Model entirely and only focused on delivering IRs to Herrick.

    The TA will become the 'Reserve' or most likely the VRF (Volunteer Reserve Force - you heard it here first) and train out of central training facilities simply to maintain basic fitness and generic mil skills.

    Efficient as far as the Army are concerned but none of those that agree it will see it (posted) - but it will be boring, repetitive, with a high turnover and thus ultimately fail.

    All work and no play makes Jack a very very dull boy.

    They just don't get it
  8. Obviously he did not pay for his uniform.

    Oh, wait a mo...
  9. I suspect the loss of the Yeomanry will be the least of the army's worries.

    The current thinking on the end of general warfighting as voiced by CGS, has the potential to make huge changes to the British Army.

    If general warfighting is over how teeth arm regiments do we need?

    Not a pleasant prospect :(

  10. Nice try - no 'up spirits' for me since 1981. Incidentally, I have nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for the TA, since I was once a corporal in the 4th Essex Cadet Regiment, prior to being drafted into the RN by my over-ambitious Father, a very senior Naval Officer. I did however manage to rise to the dizzy? heights, served in conventional and nuclear submarines, had several commands, including amphibious ships and NATO convoys on major exercises - then, of course, the Falklands War, where I acquitted myself by being the only member of the Taask Force Commander's Staff to be physically assaulted by Mrs Thatcher - but that's another story and you'll have to buy my memoirs.
    On a serious note: bear in mind what happened to the RNR's 10th Minseweeper Squadron, the pre-eminent team in the RN and wholly manned by Reservists. It was disbanded and all the ships, 'Ton' Class Minesweepers, were sold or scrapped. The effect on morale was devastating and many good men were lost to the Service as a result. The Reserves have always represented an easy target for the cost-cutting MOD bean counters and their political masters.......
  11. Ahhh, the cheap shots about HRH Prince Edward. Actually a seriously hard working bloke - i wouldn't want his life, no way jose. Great to have him as Royal Hon Col RWXY and the rest of you can f off.

    Of course he is in B Sqn kit, he couldn't afford C Sqn (Royal Glos Hussars).

    Queue stupid-arsed bitter bitch lines from the sad and ignorant.

    Finally, respect to the many yeomanry lads and lasses on the front line and those about to go.
  12. I would echo adamaxmans sentiments exactly.

    Before I first met him in his role as Royal Hon Col of the RWxY, I had similar blinkered, media induced view of him. However, he gives his full support to his Regt, speaks well to all ranks and is likely to be found getting to know the Tprs rather than the officers. An all round good bloke.

    So he didn't complete the Commando course, but then neither did the vast majority of posters on this website.

    How about try taking the log out of your eye before the speck of dust out of someone elses.

    I'm proud to have HRH Prince Edward to represent the TA, the Regt, and me. I'm also pleased he is willing to give up some of his time on a very busy 300 public engagement year to spend sometime with the troops of the RWxY.
  13. See also his role as Commodore-in-Chief of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. He wore their number ones to Armistice Day a few years back, and got grief online from a number of know-nothings who claimed he was 'impersonating an RN Captain', not realising that the RN and RFA are in any event separate organisations.

    Speaking to a few RFA lads and they were pleased that - as a civilian, and often 'forgotten' fleet - Edward was representing them in the public eye.

    If he was wearing an MC or campaign medal he hadn't earned, then I'd kick up a fuss. But in truth all he's doing, as you rightly note, is being a good ambassador for the services of which he is a patron.
  14. That was my tread,and sometimes its too easy to get the fish biting,sit on your hands (inorder to keep away from keyboard),digest ,think then release hands :muhaha:

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  15. At least being a mere Wiltshire Yeoman relieves him of the tiresome burden of having to invest in a decent messkit (or any for that matter)