HRH the Duke of Kent visits his troops in South-West Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. HRH The Duke of Kent, Colonel in Chief of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and Deputy Colonel in Chief Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, has visited British troops serving on operations in Iraq.

    " Did he don he's apron and have he's cammys left trouser leg pulled up!!"
  2. Cynical **!

    Better than having some grisly New Labour apparatchik roll up his willy-window for the troops. Surely Royalty washes its parts more frequently than the Guradain-writing editorial team. They've got by without truth-soap for a couple of decades now...

  3. You think he visit's Iraq off he's own back, I doubt it very much. Same gose for Politicians alike.
  4. Did he try and pat a guard dog like he did in Bos? Moreover did he try and pat him again after it went for him? Bad Duke, naughty Duke...good dog Roffey!
  5. Is he the one married to the Kraut obergruppenfuhrer-shopaholic-holiday taking-civil list milking piece of toe jamb?
  6. No. The Duke of Kent is married to the tennis-loving one who presents the gongs at the Women's final at Wimbledon.

    It's Prince Michael of Kent (the chap who looks like Tsar Nicholas II) who's married to Princess Marie-Christine von something-or-other.
  7. Ah the one who looks like the old king, right, ok , now i'm with you
    Mind you , say kraut at Buck house and see how many DON'T turn and answer you.
  8. He's a nice bloke who wants to talk to the lads as much as he can in my experience. Good on him for going out to Iraq, he's pretty popular with both the Ghillie Jocko Donkey Wallopers and the Budgie Tamers.

    (BTW safe tour lads...)
  9. Good on him. As been said before, better a member of the Royal family than some pond life of a new labour polititian.

    Regards LT.
  10. True Lt, it's nice to see the royals getting out there and doing what they do best (shaking hands not tabloid scandal before anyone starts) I would certainly rather shake hands with an HRH Blah of Blah than a Rt Hon (My ARRSE) Member for so and so.

    All the best, Sam
  11. Didn't his ancestor die in a flying boat accident in WW2?

  13. Come on, its a privilege to meet a Field Marshal....
  14. True, but you can't beat Phil the Bubble, I really really want him to go and visit the troops, especially with him in his full rig with all his gongs up!

    "Can I come out on patrol? it's been years since I shot a w*g!"
  15. Like or dislike the Royal Family - at least you know they won't be there for the publicity. I've met Princess Anne a few times and she seems great