HRH The Duchess of Cambridge to be 'our' Colonel!

Nice to see traditions continuing.
I'd certainly help her out of her mess dress and show her where the cabbage fits, after a game of mess rugby.....
I hope the Officers Mess continue the precedent proudly set by their forebears who snuffled their way through Princess Diana's used bedclothes to find some ladyhair to treasure?
How is it 'news' that the next Princess of Wales will take over the Princess of Wales' Own Royal Regiment?

Almost as earth shattering as 'Prince Charles will be next monarch'.
Did anyone see the Duchess of Cambridge put a sprig of Shamrock on the Irish Woodentops’ mascot?
As she bent forward to put it in the dog’s collar it had a darn good sniff of her crotch. Not on BBC news, but Sky.

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