HRH Princess Anne, dishing out Gongs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BanjoBill, May 29, 2013.

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  1. Just a video, report of Gongs Parade and Imphal today

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  2. That'll be 2 Signal Regt just back from Afghan. They also exercised their Freedom of the City, should've been in the papers/intranet/media.
  3. Ahh, umbrella Drill! That young lady will go far....

    Congrats to all concerned.
  4. A year in Sandurst and a further 6 months in Blandford to ensure you don't let Single drop hit here in case her human outer shell melts an the lizard skin comes through. Money well spent ^~
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  5. Say what you like but leave the ajax under the sink, not in your nostrils, before you post.
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  6. Oh please, f*cking Ajax, sooooooooooo last century, Cillit Bang is the choice of winners ^~
  7. How is this CA ? Put it in your arm forum, not here, if you must.
  8. At the risk of dragging the thread off topic making serving soldiers/officers faff around with umbrellas is degrading and does nothing for the Royal PR image.

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  9. Especialy when the Captain seems to have been briefed that her life (career) depended on keeping the brolly firmly over HRH. The young girl Looks terrified and twitches every time the Royal breathes.

    Not very good PR in my worthless opinion ^~
  10. HRH Princess Royal is pretty much down to earth and I would have thought a bit above brollly's.

    If the troops had to stand in the rain then she would have too. Surprised she didn't tell the CO to lose the umbrella!!

    Seems Obama has started a Fad...
  11. Current Affairs, [size=+2]News[/size] and Analysis

    I know there's some big words there, but the clue is in the title.
  12. Agreed. The breakfast of champions and no mistake.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I'd have risked career suicide by refusing, documenting that I did so and then suing The MOD if I never came off my next two promotion boards.

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  14. Given the choice, I'd go for the brolly;


  15. Whose keys, I mean handbag?

    The Queens handbag!!