HRH Prince harry given the go ahead to return to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by verdi_811, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Just been reported on 5 news that Prince harry has been given the go ahead to return to afghanistan early next year
    Who would want to be an apache pilot once he's in theatre? Not me.
    Personally i hope he gets what he wishes for and that the press leave him alone.
  2. Why? Do the Afghans not bother shooting at them at the minute?
  3. Yeah!!
    But what a prize he'd be for a good old internet beheading!!!
  4. more so then any other pilot? truth be told how many villagers would know that the ginger pilot they've just caught was more valuable then the blone pilot they got last week

    I'd be more worried about the video of a female pilot caught
  5. I'd be more worried about the video of a female pilot caught

    Why ? a bit of snuff never hurt anyone!
  6. So how does that affect other Apache pilots? How many Apache pilots have been captured in Afghanistan in the last ten years?
  7. HHH

    HHH LE

    I can see one problem with him flying Apaches, how are they going to fit the Sqn of "Them" in it as well?
  8. Those are not 4 rotor blades.
  9. did you not know hes protected by the tele tubbies when on ops?
  10. Good on him for wanting to go out again . It's the press & media once again getting all excited that will turn his tour on it's arrse again . Let's get this into perspective, if i went on national Television telling the world I'm of to Afghanistan I would get a severe to moderate bollocking of my boss, I know he has not publicly stated the fact only an interview last year in which he emphasises his eagerness to get out to Afghanistan but what buisness has the media got to advertise a serving soldiers forthcoming operational commitments . , it's about time the press and media gets blanked out of these matters, and they have to start realising the implications it has on other serving troops who could also do without the media attention . Press!! back off FFS!! Real lives are at risk here . Rant over
    Carry on .
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  11. they usually run away then come back when the apache go's away
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  12. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Then surely it wouldn't be snuff?
  13. I do belive there was a rather bad docudrama produced about this very subject.
    Now Just for the sake of arguement.
    If it did happen and harry got done. do you think this would have a knock on effect on the drawdown process ? And question 2 what would the british public's view be?
  14. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Simple answer, as of today all AAC pilots operating in HERRICK JOA should be ordered to wear ginger wigs. The polo pony is optional.
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  15. Allways thought snuff was the real thing??????