HRH Prince Charles in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Report on BBC R5 Live prince charles is just back from a 2 day visit to kabul and Bastion.

    The Prince of Wales has visited Afghanistan to meet British troops and thank them for their service.

    Prince Charles laid a wreath at a memorial to those who have died in Afghanistan and visited a hospital where many of the wounded receive care.
  2. On Sky news at the moment. Putting a good impression out as well. :D
  3. Well played HRH
  4. What did the PM do when he went over? Stayed overnight in Bastion or Kandahar wasn't it?
  5. For obvious reasons, I'm not a great admirer of monarchies in general, but I've nothing but the most profound respect and admiration for the Brit Royal Family - all of them. Their staunch and unflagging support of the UK Armed Forces is something that should serve as a shining example to the vile bunch of knobbers masquerading as politicians in the UK.

    Chas, in particular, deserves special recognition. Not only has he served himself (in the Crabs and the Andrew, but we'll let him off with that), but he also has first-hand experience of the anguish suffered by relatives at home when their kinfolk are up the sharp end. You can be sure that what he says comes from the heart and isn't just a sound-bite for the media. Well done him. Brilliant skills.

  6. "He went to the main British base at Camp Bastion and travelled to a base involved in a major offensive against the Taliban, Operation Moshtarak." Well done HRH more than the politicos do.
    My son happened to mention the other day that he was popping in to say hello to the lads.
  7. Is that Rory Stewart he is touring with?? (on the Sky footage)

    Charles in Afghan
  8. Wll done HRH
  9. Yes, he visited the charity base thingy place.
  10. King done good again :thumright:

  11. Top man - Top Prince.
  12. Loving the saucy lads' mag pages on the wall in the background of one of these BBC piccies:

    3rd picture along; also featuring upside down Union Flag.

    I wonder how long that'll be in the BBC's photo album?
  13. Greatest respect and as always, god bless your Mum :queen:
  14. Used the lads as props to deflect the flak he got following his appearance at the Iraq enquiry the day before, that's what. The guy's a fcukin shallow cock.

    HRH on the other hand, is a top man :salut:
  15. Seconded. Good man.