HRH ---- Phil in Hospital Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Prince Philip admitted to hospital

    Hope the old sea dog gets well again soon..... There are not many genuine WW2 hero's left now..

    Don't sound too clever does it? They don't like putting people of such advanced years under a general unless absolutely necessary
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  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Poor chap. I hope he pulls through, but a laparotomy is no picnic at any age
  3. I fear for her Maj if we do lose him..... After a lifetime together how will she cope? She will miss him terribly..
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  4. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    If he does go I think she would age extremely fast and either abdicate or pass away within the year. They are so much stronger as a pair and after all this time too.

    Hopefully he'll bounce back quick
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  5. Not looking good for the old seadog, although he is a strong character - I wish him well.
    If there is any justice, they will bow out together, well north of 100+!
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  6. Initial CT Scan not an option? Assuming that it is an exploratory laparotomy.
  7. yes - get well soon Sir, you are a breath of fresh air amongst all those idiots who now run, or have ruined our great country for the sake of being seen dinning at Top Table with all those other double dealers......
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  8. He's not reading this.
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  9. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    CT/PET/MRI will have been done. They will have seen something on the scan because they wouldnt just go straight to laparotomy. They may not know what it is, but will certainly have some idea of what they are looking for, and it may well be nasty, but equally might be something curative with surgery.

    On the good side, its nothing really nasty like a gangrenous bowel, as the operation is planned, ie it can wait and do it properly rather than on an emergency basis.
  10. Damn!
    That said; my "taping" days are well behind me! :)
  11. I don't suppose HRH is personally reading this any more than he probably heard the great cheer for him down the Mall last year, but perhaps we can allow people to express their good wishes if they feel like it. I would like to add my own.
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  12. Clearly you work in or have had some training in the medical profession.

    Is this sort of thing a regular occurrence on people of such advanced years. After watching so many Holby cities and Casualty, it seems the older you are the less chance you get of having a general anaesthetic..
  13. More to the point, the less chance you have of coming out of it.
  14. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Surgery on the very elderly is common. It takes a great deal of skill for an anaesthetist. A lot depends on the general fitness of the patient. Phil does appear to be in general good health for his age. His mobility is good, and by his public appearances he doe not appear to have breathing difficulties. His last admission was for a urinary tract infection which would not cause problems for surgery. No reports of recent cardiac problems or circulatory disease, so he would appear to be fit for anaesthetic. If a patient is unlikely to survive the anaesthetic then surgery will not be contemplated. Clearly with DoE the decision has been made with him to proceed. Best of luck to him.
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  15. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    And thinking on whilst I was walking the dog - the press have said that the expected stay in hospital is two weeks. Its encouraging that they have stated a length of stay. For me it indicates that the surgeons have a good idea of what they are facing and that the "exploratory" surgery has some therapeutic aim. You would not give an estimated length of stay if the person was completely rubber ducked.

    Two weeks stay would be consistent with a bowel resection with or without a colostomy (and I'm certainly not saying that this is the surgery he is undergoing - just saying that that would be the expected length of stay for a patient undergoing such surgery)