HRH HARRY and Queens Jubillee Medal

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Yorkie, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. As there was much grumbling about the five years minimum service required to qualify for the Jubillee Medal, is it really right that HRH should wear one just because mummy gave it him?
    I am torn between letting Queenie do what the hell she likes and the other side of earning things the right way.
  2. What you mean is that you didn't get one. :wink:
  3. Don't you mean Granny??
  4. What is the big deal?

    Jubilee medals started with Queen Victoria in 1887 and they were given to MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY! The tradition has followed from there with medals being given to soldiers after the family and household.

    Take a look at his father - he wears the coronation medal, silver jubilee and golden jubilee medals too.

    edited to add: 'earning' the golden jubilee medal? hahahahahahahahhahahaha
  5. I think this ground has already been covered, but...
    Just because certain of the Armed Forces were awarded the medal, it is not an exclusively "military" medal. It is a commemorative medal that was also awarded to members of the Royal Household, the 999 services and others. Neither Harry nor they had to do 5 years military service to get it, that was simply a restriction used by the Forces. There is a long tradition of these types of medals going back I think to Queen Victoria's Diamond jubillee.
    Prince Charles has the Coronation, silver and the Golden jubillee medals. He probably didn't do much for those apart from mutter a bit and criticise modern architecture. They get them cos' of who they are, but ultimately they come from within "the firm" and they can do what they like. It's not as if he's cuffing an MC or something.
  6. sorry Barbs, you beat me to it. 20 years ago it was unusual to see a serving soldier with more than two medals. However, now that chefs think they are Audie Murphy...
  7. Sirs, I beg your pardon. I've just realised that I'ver been spouting off in "your" board.
    I'll shuffle back to me own place.