HRH cheating

Discussion in 'Officers' started by quickstop, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. We all signed up for a job involving the defence of the country on behalf of HM The Queen, instructed by the government.

    One of the founding tenets of a commisison is integrity.

    Given that Sarah Forsyth's employment tribunal cleared her and upheld her unfair dismaissal claim, is it possible that HRH Harry did indeed cheat?

    If so, what precedent does that set as he is now undergoing training back at the Farm.


    (Wish my CO gave me this one)
  2. I think the courts saw things slightly differently to you:;jsessionid=KF55SB4PVEG2LQFIQMGCM5OAVCBQUJVC?xml=/news/2005/07/05/neton05.xml&sSheet=/portal/2005/07/05/ixportal.html

    Quote: 'The one area where she did alter her evidence was in relation to her allegations concerning Prince Harry's expressive art project and the assistance she says she was required to give. It simply did not appear to have been created in the way she suggests'.

    Edited to ask: what is the Farm?


  4. That's a very leading question that Quickstop asked, almost journalistic...
  5. It was worth a try!
  6. .....and the ability to spell correctly, one would assume.

  7. In the Officers Forum????? I think not!!!!!!!!!

  8. He doesn't seem to have a problem with wearing a medal that he hasn't earnt........ :roll:
  9. [Yawn]
  10. Am not a journo...have to take ii on faith that one, but I do aplolopologise for my bad spelling.

    Am just a bit miffed at all the people at the top that say one thing and then do something else. Especially look after the blokes then yourself. Seen many generals do that recently? Have got 3 years left in the Army before I jump ship and just wanted to see what other people thought. Apparently young Wills failed RCB the first time after telling the CO of the Board that he could call him Sir. No idea how he is doing at the Farm (RMAS) but think it highly possible that he cheated an his art paper. Lets face it, art isn't hard. Wonder how he'll do with PRACTAC and all the MK stuff.

    Would have been a nice CO's essay like I said.
  11. QS, I'll take you on faith, but listen to the balls you are talking! I know this is the rumour service but you have got to be kidding - 'Wills' hasn't even done RCB yet - he has attended RCB Briefing as was reported, oh and the CO is called the President. I think you'll find that you are mixing up a story about Prince Andrew arriving on his first ship and telling the Captain he could call him Andrew, to which the reply was 'you can call me Sir'.

    I am no better academically qualified and I did ok ......................(-ish)
  12. Get used to it, you are a pawn in the great game of politics which exist to give a privalaged few a special life. Who cares if he cheated!!!!!! If you don't like it commit suicide.

    PS PRACTAC and MK isn't hard either.
  13. Well I wonder what would happen to an ordinary officer cadet? Harry has allegations of drugs and alcohol abuse in his past, scuffles with reporters/ cameramen and not to forget wearing a Nazi uniform the week before the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps! Would other officer cadets be allowed in with that past? Honour and integrity and doing the morally correct thing is always stressed at all levels of the military, but does the system start to look after some one just because he is a royal and there are some officers who want their Knighthoods and other nice kick backs like prefferential postings and so on? Not a dig at the Royal Family, I support them loyally, just a trying to point out how all that "honour and integrity" seems to fly out the window in the case of Harry, who if he were a normal private citizen i am sure would struggle to gain entry.
  14. I'm in and I used and confessed to using Drugs prior to joining up, i don't have a History of violence but its the Army after all and many do, since joining i have worn, NAZI outfits, Dresses and been to a party as Superman in a Wheel chair. Who hasn't

    Flaps, GS you're trying to make an issue out of something which just isn't an issue. Give it a rest.
  15. He does not come under the military entitlement rules. His Grandmother is the Queen, and ALL members of the Royal Family are entitled to wear it

    Members of the Royal Household in uniform (Pages ect) are also entitled to wear it if they served in the Royal Household during the Jubilee year.

    If he was over 25 as Charles, Andrew and Ann were, he would also be entitled to wear the Silver Jubilee Medal as well! (Which of course he is not)